Digital Publishing Made Easy With iStaffSource

Digital Publishing Made Easy With iStaffSourceIf online magazines are your thing, one of your main concerns would be the distribution process of your product. At iStaffSource, we have developed a reliable system for producing, publishing, and marketing online magazines to your chosen subscribers. Mag creators, read on, because you just might be in for a big treat for your online magazine business!

‘Legitimate solutions’

Don’t let your valuable resources go to waste when you try to go to other under-quality publishers. If you want timely delivery, if you want bonus marketing, if you are concerned that production and publishing costs might eat up most of your budget, then you can trust iStaffSource to grant legitimate solutions to those problems.

iStaffSource is a company composed of highly qualified staff from different outsourcing regions around the globe who can competently source, train, hire, and monitor the top virtual manpower fitted for the needs of your small-to-medium business. The company aims to serve you by assisting in the shift from conventional office setup to offshoring, cutting a huge chunk of your operational costs as you go along. And now, aside from the outsourcing of virtual employees, iStaffSource is in the publishing business.

‘Quality and cost-effectiveness’

In a digital publishing business, where does iStaffSource come in? Well, this company takes charge of the technical and marketing aspects of publishing, at the same time leaving the most important process — content writing — up to your trustworthy hands. With this method, iStaffSource can save you a ton on the production, publishing, and marketing expenses. It’s that simple. You compose your content. You hand over your finished write-ups to us. We publish your magazine, distribute it to subscribers and on top of that, market it to your target audience. Quality and cost-effectiveness does not merge better than that!

Stop all the incessant worrying about the errors in the production of your magazine. Spend more time creating quality content for your online magazine. Stop wasting valuable company resources with costly publishing and marketing errors. Let iStaffSource take care of your magazine. iStaffSource is your trusted partner in professional publishing. For more details, visit its site and check out what has to offer. For more of its services, check out its service list at and see what else it has in store for you. We are looking forward to publishing more awesome magazines with you!

Image: Digital Book Reader