Research Shows All Modern Pop Music Sound The Same

Your parents are officially correct. Nowadays, pop music all sounds pretty much the same.

Researchers in Spain came to the conclusion after tracking the timbre, pitch and volume of nearly a half-million songs released between 1955 and 2010. They found that in this music dataset — which spanned rock, pop, hip-hop, metal and electronic genres —the transitions between chords (a string of notes played at the same time), note combinations, tone and instrument choices all became less and less diverse over time. Meanwhile, the songs grew intrinsically louder.

In short, there’s been “a progressive homogenization of the musical discourse,” Joan Serrà of the Spanish National Research Council and colleagues wrote in a paper published yesterday (July 26) in the journal Scientific Reports. “In particular, we obtain numerical indicators that the diversity of transitions between note combinations (roughly speaking, chords and melodies) has consistently diminished in the last 50 years.”

Whereas in 1960 you might have heard startling chord transitions, unfamiliar instruments and variation in the volume over the course of a song played on the radio, tunes today restrict themselves to the “fashionable” set of chords and note combinations, and maintain a uniformly high volume from beginning to end.

Although no one had previously quantified the trend toward louder music, many in the recording industry colloquially refer to the effect as the “loudness war.” More and more these days, when a new album is being digitally mastered, engineers compress and distort the recording until it more frequently peaks at the maximum amplitude, sacrificing sound quality in the process. Instead of lamenting the deafening dullness of contemporary pop music, the researchers suggest ways in which their findings can be used to revamp old hits for today’s audience.

Do you agree with this study (or, your parents, for that matter)? Do you like pop music? Why or why not?

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Second Miss USA Contestant Alleges Pageant Was Rigged!

Miss Pennsylvania is finally getting some backup … because a SECOND Miss USA contestant is now saying there is PROOF the competition was rigged. Problem is … the corroborator is not revealing her identity. says the network spoke with the mystery contestant … who says Miss Florida Karina Brez told her she saw a secret Miss USA document which contained the names of the Top 5 finalists … before the Top 15 were announced.

The story seems to fall in line with the allegations made by Miss PA Sheena Monnin — who claimed Miss FL told her the same thing while they were backstage. Monnin has since resigned from her post and has given back her crown.

The Miss USA pageant — and its owner Donald Trump — have all denied the allegations … and have taken legal action … claiming Monnin’s claims are just “loser’s remorse.” Multiple contestants are also standing behind Trump … saying Miss PA is a sore loser who made the whole thing up.

Do you think there could be a grain of truth in this allegation that Miss USA Pageant was rigged? Or are these two ladies just sour-graping? Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comment box below!

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