R-Patz On ’50 Shades’ Author: I’ll Make Her Pay For Not Choosing Me!

The 50 Shades Of Grey casting drama continues! Poor Robert Pattinson is FURIOUS with Twilight fan fiction writer turned best-selling author E.L. James for recently admitting she wouldn’t consider him to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades film trilogy.

R-Patz revealed his crushed soul and hurt feelings, telling sources:

“I think the author has written me out of it. I saw some interview earlier and they went, oh, it could never be him. And I’m like ,’Hey, I’m going to make you pay for that.”

Make her pay?? That is exactly the type of violent, controlling attitude one would need to play Christian Grey. LOLz! Kidding aside, we think it’s pretty odd that E.L. doesn’t think Robert couldn’t play the role of a character she based off him. Then again, she also said Kristen Stewart was “too weird” to play the character she inspired. Either way, that’s not R-Patz’ issue. He’s upset because he thinks he’s WAY too good for the part!

Rob told our source:

“It’s funny seeing all these other actors so openly like vying for it. I’ve never seen that happen before. It’s so strange. I haven’t read the whole thing, I read bits of it, there’s a book called 50 Sheds of Grey, have you seen that book? That’s amazing, just a picture book of 50 Grey Sheds, and it’s literally on the New York Times Best Seller List. People have got the wrong read.”

Are you a fan of the 50 Shades  trilogy? Do you think Robert Pattinson is really unfit for the role of Christian Grey? Give us a holler in the comment box below!

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‘Grey’ Author: Kristen Stewart Is Too Weird For ‘Fifty Shades’

Hey now! That’s not nice! To her credit, Kristen Stewart has worked really hard on hiding her awkwardness. She barely ever bites her lip anymore! Oh, that’s not what she meant? Our apologies, K-Stew.

As you might’ve heard, people are really invested in this 50 Shades of Grey book. It’s sold a lot of copies, made tons of money, and caused just about everyone everywhere to speculate who should star in the leading roles should the story be made into a film.

E.L. James, the author of the fan fic turned erotica turned best-seller was asked at a recent U.K. fan event if she would be cool with Stephenie Meyer’s choices to be Bella and Edward taking on her kinky creatures Ana and Christian. Her response is … disappointing, as she shared:

“I think it would be too strange ! It would just be .. Uggh weird!”

We think… you’re right. And also, NUTS! If we’ve learned anything, we know that Robsten = box office GOLD! Those two rack in MILLIONS! Millions UPON millions! But millions you’ve got, dontcha James. We see how it is.

Do you really think that Kristen Steward is “too weird” to play Anastasia Steele? Who’s your best bet on the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey? Tell us your list of nominees!

Source: Perez Hilton

Image: Perez Hilton