Duchess Of Cambridge Shows Her Baby Bump In Public!

Duchess Of Cambridge Shows Her Baby Bump In PublicRoyal baby-watchers, rejoice: Here comes the bump! Although she was wearing an oversize, tartan-print cape, Kate stepped out on Wednesday in West London revealing a new curve – and we’re not just talking about her smile!

‘Health is on the upswing’

With her hair back in a ponytail, the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, pulled her look together with a black scarf, black leggings and riding boots.  The mother-to-be was also recently spotted in London’s Chelsea neighborhood shopping for jeggings at the Gap.

The public outings show that Kate’s health is on the upswing after being hospitalized with severe morning sickness in the early days of her pregnancy.

‘Due in July’

The baby is due in July. And we are certain that the whole world will be on standby around that time and will be waiting for the birth of another royal. Lots of baby news lately. Isn’t that exciting?

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Legendary Sitarist Ravi Shankar Dies At 92

Legendary Sitarist Ravi Shankar Dies At 92The legendary sitar player, Pandit Ravi Shankar, who taught Beatle George Harrison how to play the stringed instrument and brought Indian music to the West, passed away at age 92 in the early evening of Tuesday in San Diego, near his home, according to his wife, Sukanya, and daughter Anoushka Shankar, who were by his side.

‘Strain of surgery’

Shankar was the father of jazz singer Norah Jones as well. He is also survived by three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, according to his record label, East Meets West Music.

His health had suffered over the past year, according to a statement from his record label, and he underwent heart valve replacement surgery last Thursday, but ”his body was not able to withstand the strain of the surgery,” his wife and daughter said.

‘Couterculture fame’

Singer Peter Gabriel hailed Shankar as an inspiration who “opened the door to non-western music for millions of people around the world.” Shankar’s musical career had a long life before and after the ’60s. He was born on April 7, 1920, and when he and Harrison met, he was already 46 and famous in India as a classical musician, according to his record label biography.

His classical career outlived his counterculture fame, but he continued to meld East with West and composed concertos, which harmonized his sitar with orchestras. He played duos with American classical violin maestro Yehudi Menuhin and composed with American minimalist Philip Glass. He also wrote film music for the Hollywood movie “Gandhi.”

Despite ill health, he shared a stage with his daughter Anoushka, also a sitar virtuoso, in early November. It was his last public performance.

Do you admire the legacy of sitar legend Ravi Shankar in the field of music? Tell us how his music has inspired a lot of people all over the world!

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Anthony Kiedis At 50 — World’s Healthiest Rock Star

Anthony Kiedis At 50 --- World's Healthiest Rock StarRemember when rock stars used to be bad examples? Especially in matters of health? But Anthony Kiedis, who turns 50 this week, represents the new paradigm of the anti-geezer, middle-age-defying rock god. He’s buffer than buff, held up as the model of healthy living by Men’s Fitness magazine, and very likely to outlive the cockroaches that will outlive the apocalypse.

‘Accept the challenge’

Asked about approaching the big five-oh, Kiedis recently told England’s Q magazine: “I like the idea of defying the convention of what it is to be in your 40s, or 50s, or 60s. Discovering surfing at this stage of my life is definitely going to keep me active till the day I die. So, yeah, I accept the challenge…”

‘Quick fix’

In his autobiography, Scar Tissue, Kiedis pointed out the irony of how, in the ’80s and ’90s, he was maintaining a lot of the staples of keeping his body healthy while at the same time ravaging it with a level of drug abuse that might have easily killed someone less fit. But by the time his book was published in 2004, he was able to write, “I spent most of my life looking for the quick fix and the deep kick. I shot drugs under freeway off-ramps with Mexican gang-bangers and in thousand-dollar-a-day hotel suites. Now I sip vitamin-infused water and seek out wild, as opposed to farm-raised, salmon.”

So if you’re looking to have Kiedis’ bod at 50, to recap, here’s a short list of tips: chlorine-free swimming, drinking lots of water in the morning, surfing, vegetables, salmon whose lineage has been carefully tracked, acupuncture, Kaballah instruction, more swimming, and—for the love of Flea—dinner before 6. Also, coming up with good genes might not hurt. This is not to neglect the importance of exercise equipment, especially when there’s no ocean around.

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’60 Minutes’ Icon Mike Wallace Dies at 93

Mike Wallace, the legendary CBS News broadcaster, interviewer and “60 Minutes” icon, has died, the network said Sunday. He was 93.

Wallace, whose “probing, brazen style made his name synonymous with the tough interview — a style he practically invented for television more than half a century ago” died “peacefully” on Saturday night, surrounded by family in New Canaan, Conn., CBS said.

Wallace “took to heart the old reporter’s pledge to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” Morley Safer, Wallace’s longtime colleague, said. “He characterized himself as ‘nosy and insistent.’ So insistent, there were very few 20th century icons who didn’t submit to a Mike Wallace interview. He lectured Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, on corruption. He lectured Yassir Arafat on violence. He asked the Ayatollah Khoumeini if he were crazy. He traveled with Martin Luther King (whom Wallace called his hero). He grappled with Louis Farrakhan. And he interviewed Malcolm X shortly before his assassination.”

Wallace retired in 2006. His last appearance on “60 Minutes” was in 2008, when he interviewed Roger Clemens. But he was slowed by heart surgery later that year. And in a recent interview with the Times, his son, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, said his father’s health had deteriorated.

“He’s in a facility in Connecticut, Wallace said. “Physically, he’s okay. Mentally, he’s not. He still recognizes me and knows who I am, but he’s uneven. The interesting thing is, he never mentions ’60 Minutes’… The only thing he really talks about is family–me, my kids, my grandkids, his great-grandchildren…”

As news of Wallace’s death spread, the outpouring of remembrances from his peers was immediate. CBS will dedicate a special edition of “60 Minutes” to Wallace on April 15.

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