NFL Legend Alex Karras Dies At 77

NFL great Alex Karras – who also played Mongo in “Blazing Saddles” — died this morning after suffering kidney failure … this according to a family spokesperson.

Karras had been battling a myriad of illnesses over the past 2 years, including kidney disease, heart disease, stomach cancer and dementia. He died at home in Los Angeles surrounded by family members. His wife, Susan Clark, was also present during those sad moments.

Karras was a punishing defensive superstar on the Detroit Lions from 1958 to 1970 … before breaking out in Hollywood. Besides “Blazing Saddles,” Karras also had a starring role on the ’80s sitcom “Webster. ” He played the role of George Papadopoulos – the adoptive father of Emmanuel Lewis’s title character – from 1983 until 1989. Susan is the Canadian actress who played Alex Karras’ wife in the said sitcom, according to his attorney, Craig Mitnick.

Karras was 77. He is survived by one daughter with Clark, named Katie, 32 years old. Karras had five children from his first marriage which ended in divorce after 18 years.

Were you a fan of the ’80s sitcom Webster? Given that Alex Karras suffered from dementia and cancer in recent years, how do you think should the NFL compensate  for the health consequences the sports inflicts on its players? Feel free to shout out your thoughts and opinions via the comment box below!

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Joshua Jackson Was Katie Holmes’ First Love!

She may have kept a poster of Tom Cruise on her wall as a kid, but Katie Holmes’ first big, real-life romance was with another tall, dark and handsome Hollywood man: Joshua Jackson.

Last Thursday, Jackson, 35, revealed that he recently received an out-of-the-blue call from his Dawson’s Creek costar Holmes, now 33 and freshly divorced from Cruise, 50. ”Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’; ‘I had a kid,’” the Fringe actor said of his phone chat with Suri’s now-single mom. “It was very nice, actually.”

And though the Fringe star has been in a relationship with Diane Kruger since 2006, back in the day, he and Holmes were a very serious item. In a September 1998 Rolling Stone cover story (“Katie Holmes: The Sweetheart of Dawson’s Creek”), the rising WB star, then 19, opens up about her romantic misfortunes — and fortunes.

“I had really good luck this past year and I had a really wonderful, amazing experience,” says the actress. When asked point-blank whether that “amazing experience” was with her costar Jackson, Holmes fesses up. ”I’m just going to say that I met somebody last year, I fell in love, I had my first love, and it was something so incredible and indescribable,” admits Holmes, who first broke out as a young star in director Ang Lee’s 1997 film The Ice Storm.

Before marrying Cruise in 2006 — they finalized their split last month — Holmes dated Chris Klein for five years. Shortly after she and Klein, 33, called off their engagement in 2005, Holmes and Cruise stepped out together.

Do you think Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson could have made a great couple had they ended up together? Does first love ever really last? Share your own “first love” stories with us!

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Johnny Lewis Found Dead In L.A.: Suspect In Murder Mystery

Johnny Lewis – who had big roles on “Sons of Anarchy,” and “The O.C.” and once dated Katy Perry – was found dead yesterday … and his body was discovered at the same L.A. property as an 81-year-old woman he’s suspected of murdering … TMZ has learned.

According to our law enforcement sources, 28-year-old Lewis was found in a driveway Wednesday morning in the Los Feliz neighborhood — and the elderly woman who owned the home was found dead inside … the victim of a homicide.  Investigators say they believe Lewis beat the woman to death.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops believe Johnny was on drugs– either PCP or meth — at the time he allegedly killed a woman and then fell to his death. Sources tell us … after allegedly killing the 81-year-old woman, Johnny had fought with two men for 3 to 4 minutes … hurting at least one of them.

We’re told Johnny initially used a 2×4 to attack the men … and then used his bare hands. Law enforcement sources say the men he fought with say Johnny showed “super-human strength” and was “phenomenally strong.” We’re told Johnny tried to break into the house of one of the men … and it took 3 people to hold him back.

Lewis dated Perry back in 2006 — and attended numerous Hollywood events together. Lewis played Kip ‘Half-Sack’ Epps on “Sons of Anarchy” for 2 seasons, and also had one-off roles on “Criminal Minds” … “Bones” … and “CSI.”

Do you think drugs prompted Johnny Lewis to commit these alleged violent acts? Give us a holler about this topic!

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Miley Cyrus Accused Of Punching A GUY Amidst Bar Brawl

It was a drama stuffed weekend for a certain MileyBird!!! Not only did her scissor-weilding stalker show up outside her home, some dude filed a police report Sunday morning accusing Miley Cyrus of criminal battery!

Apparently, the supposed victim of Miley’s wayward fists claims he and some friends were enjoying an evening at Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood this past Saturday, when some of their group MAY have bumped into a chair occupied by Liam Hemsworth, who was sitting with his bleach-blonde fiancée.

Apparently words were exchanged and things got heated, fast, to a point where physical violence seemed imminent. Miley supposedly got in between Liam and the ‘victim’ to break them apart, and then allegedly hit the man in question, in the face.

However, there is no physical evidence of this person’s claim, and another witness to the incident agrees there was an argument, but never saw Miley getting handsy with a dude.

Now tell us, could there even be a tiny grain of truth to this news of Miley Cyrus hitting a dude in the face? OR, is this just someone’s publicity stunt to get his 15 minutes of fame and maybe get MileyBird to cough up some cash?? Feel free to express your opinions regarding this issue!

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‘Green Mile’ Star Michael Clarke Duncan Dies At 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1999 film “The Green Mile,” died Monday morning at age 54, according to a representative for his family. Duncan “suffered a myocardial infarction on July 13 and never fully recovered,” a written statement from Joy Fehily said. Clarke died at a Los Angeles hospital where he had been since having the heart attack more than seven weeks ago.

According to TMZ, it was Duncan’s girlfriend Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, a reality star and former contestant on “The Apprentice,” who had acted quickly and provided lifesaving efforts when he had the heart attack.

A towering and hulking figure, the 6-foot-5-inch Duncan also was known for his deep voice. A Chicago native, Duncan went to college at Alcorn State University in Mississippi with plans to major in communications, but he dropped out and moved home.

In his 20s, he worked digging ditches for Peoples Gas during the day and as a bouncer at night. He told CNN in 1999 that his coworkers at the gas company called him “Hollywood” because he’d often talk about becoming a movie star. In 1990, he decided to measure up his nickname and he moved to Los Angeles. He worked as a bodyguard then got a part in a commercial as a drill sergeant.

“Armageddon” was the beginning of his friendship with Bruce Willis. They appeared in four films together. And it was Willis who called ‘The Green Mile’ director Frank Darabont to put in a good word for Duncan. He was nominated for an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor, which was won that year by Michael Caine for “The Cider House Rules.”

Which of Michael Clarke Duncan’s movies was your favorite? Tell us how his story inspired you or others!

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Rihanna Dating Rob Kardashian?

The Kardashian family’s resident goofball brother, Rob Kardashian, spent the entire day – and night – with pal Rihanna on Saturday, causing fans to speculate that the pair might be more than just friends.

Kardashian, 25, and Rihanna, 24, kept it casual when they squeezed into a pair of go-karts at Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank, Calif. Saturday afternoon, racing around the track with colorful helmets in tow. Rihanna’s stylist pal Mariel Haenn was also on hand, according to Just Jared.

Later that night, the pair headed off to enjoy the rest of the evening at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, according to E! News. The site reports that Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown was also at the club, but the two didn’t interact.

In a recent interview with Oprah, Rihanna admitted that she still has feelings for Brown, 23: ”We love each other and we probably always will, and that’s not anything that we’re going to try to change,” she told Winfrey. “I think he was the love of my life. He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way.”

Kardashian, meanwhile, is rumored to be dating singer Rita Ora, though neither of the two have ever openly admitted to their relationship.

Do you think there’s something going on between Rihanna and Rob Kardashian? Does this new couple alert gain a thumbs-up from you or a thumbs-down? Shout out your speculations in the comment box below!

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Robert Pattinson Spends Time With ANOTHER Woman Post-Breakup!

Our beloved sparkle child has walked into the beginning stages of moving on. We’re so proud. According to reports, Robert Pattinson’s current company includes random strangers, but specifically — a lady friend from his hotel in London!!

A source confirms:

“He went out for drinks with a woman staying in his hotel and he told her it was ‘ridiculous’ he had nobody to talk to. He’s been spending most of his days off playing computer games.”

Sorry, Robsten-thumpers… we know this must be a difficult time. But unlike Robert, we heard Liberty Ross wants to give her cheater a second chance. As we discussed yesterday, she loves Rupert Sanders and “accepts it was just one of those silly flirtations.”

Riiight… a silly flirtation whose lips landed all over the highest paid actress in Hollywood. But good for her for taking the high road! And better yet… good for the children!

Is it likely that Robert Pattinson will engage in a rebound relationship after breaking up with Kristen Stewart? Is there even a spark of chance that the Robsten romance will be rekindled once again? You are welcome to share your opinions and speculations with us via the comment box below!

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Writer-Filmmaker Norah Ephron Dies At 71

Nora Ephron, one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood as the creative force behind such blockbusters as You’ve Got MailSleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, died on Tuesday at age 71.

The three-time Oscar nominee “passed away June 26, 2012 at 7:40 pm at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center surrounded by her family. The cause of death was acute myeloid leukemia,” her family tells PEOPLE in a statement. “We thank you all for your thoughts.”

A writer and director who was as comfortable with romantic comedies as she was with hard-hitting dramas with social themes, Ephron’s films featured strong female roles that attracted such A-listers as Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Cher.

The daughter of playwrights and sister to three other writers, Nora was married and divorced to author Dan Greenberg before marrying Watergate investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. She based her searing novel and screenplay Heartburn on the collapse of their marriage. Described both affectionately – and sometimes not – as “chick flicks,” the wildly successful trio of HarrySleepless and Mail (co-written with sister Delia), had Ryan falling in love with Billy Crystal or Tom Hanks – and turned the actress into a mega-star.

At the time of her death she was married to her third husband, Goodfellas writer Nicholas Pileggi. Per the family, donations may be made in her honor to The Public Theater and The Motion Picture and Television Fund.

What is your favorite legacy by Nora Ephron? Which film by her touched your heart the most?

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Kristen Stewart Named Highest-Paid Actress By Forbes

Talk about a hefty payday! Twilight star Kristen Stewart raked in $34.5 million between May 2011 and May 2012, earning her the top spot on Forbes‘s list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Rounding out the top three were Cameron Diaz, 39, who had a banner year thanks in part to Bad Teacher, and Sandra Bullock, 47 – who, according to Forbes, is still collecting from her Oscar-winning turn in 2009′s The Blind Side.

Propelled by her paychecks from both the Twilight franchise as well as her starring role in Snow White and the Huntsman, Stewart, at 22, is also the youngest actress on the list – by 16 years. And it’s a safe bet to say that she will have a place on the list next year as well.The fifth and final installment in the Twilight film series, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, comes out in November.

Other actresses in the Top 10 include Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Are you a Kristen Stewart fan? Tell us what you like (or dislike, if you’re not a fan) about our vampire magnet sweetheart here! Feel free to speak your mind in the comment box below!

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Legendary Stylist Vidal Sassoon Dies At 84

Famous hairstyling pioneer Vidal Sassoon died in his California home on Mulholland Drive this morning. Sassoon, 84, died of natural causes with his family at his bedside. According to the AP, there will be no police investigation and no further details are available at this time.

Sassoon was born in England in 1928, and after his father’s early death, his impoverished mother placed him and his brother in a Jewish orphanage for seven years. Upon his return to London he left school at the age of 14 and began a hairdressing apprenticeship at his mother’s request. Later he fought in the Israeli army before fulfilling his mother’s dream and becoming a hairdresser.

He opened his first salon in London in 1954, and in 1963 he revolutionized the current popular hairstyles with modern, angular bob cuts. This style was made famous by British designer Mary Quant, the woman responsible for popularizing mini skirts. Sassoon’s geometric wash-and-wear hairstyles drew lots of attention, as they were so perfect they required little to no styling–ideal for the women’s liberation movement going on at that time.

Sassoon rose to international fame in 1968 after giving actress Mia Farrow her pixie cut in the film “Rosemary’s Baby.” He flew to Hollywood and cut off her long hair for a whopping $5,000. The style is still imitated to this day. He opened more salons in London and the United States, and in 1973 Sassoon launched his own line of hair care products with the slogan, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” He also established Vidal Sassoon Academies to teach young stylists his perfected technique.

Sassoon was married four times and had four children with his second wife, a part-time actress named Beverly Adams. His eldest daughter Catya, an actress and model, died in 2002 of an accidental overdose. Sassoon is survived by three children and his fourth wife, Ronnie.

Are you a fan of Vidal Sassoon’s legacy in styling? Share your thoughts with us!

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