Billie Joe Armstrong Heads To Rehab After Onstage Meltdown

Green Day’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong is entering rehab for substance abuse … a rep for the band tells TMZ.

The news comes just two days after Armstrong went ballistic in Las Vegas on Friday night during a performance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Theater. He was videotaped screaming obscenities, slamming Justin Bieber and violently smashing his guitar on-stage. He went berserk after they were told that they only had a minute left to wrap up their performance.

“You’re gonna give me one minute? I’ve been around since f–ing nineteen eighty f–king eight, and you’re gonna give me one minute?! You’ve gotta be f–ing kidding me! I’m not f–ing Justin Bieber, you motherf–ers!” he was reportedly heard screaming. “Let me show you what one f–ing minute f–ing means,” he said while he was smashing his guitar onstage.

The band’s rep tells TMZ,  “Green day wants to apologize to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.” The rep adds, “The band regretfully must postpone some of their upcoming promotional appearances.“

Well, what a relief! Don’t you agree? Do you think Billy Joe Armstrong will be able to come out from rehab a new man? Give us a holler in through the comment box below!

Source: TMZ

Image: USA Today

A Closer Look At Johnny Depp’s Single Life

He just announced his split from longtime love Vanessa Paradis, but Johnny Depp has been maintaining a bachelor’s lifestyle for a while.

Since the actor, 49, and Paradis, 39, began leading separate lives more than a year ago – both reside primarily in L.A. but haven’t necessarily stayed under the same roof for some time – Depp has been regularly partying with rocker Marilyn Manson, spending late nights at the singer’s Hollywood-area home and even jamming on guitar at an April Manson concert.

Depp has also been busy with work, shooting Disney’s mega-budget The Lone Ranger in Albuquerque, N.M., and Creede, Colo. But he’s shown little interest in socializing off-set: When he’s not filming, Depp routinely commutes back to L.A. by private plane, sometimes several times a week. The couple’s children, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9, are enrolled in school in Los Angeles.

As the 14-year relationship between Depp and Paradis began to crumble publicly – the embattled couple had not appeared together on a red carpet for two years – rumors swirled linking the actor to various other women. Among them: model-actress Amber Heard, who appeared with Depp in 2011′s The Rum Diary and was was spotted boarding a private plane with Depp to Las Vegas earlier this year. But Heard, who has said she’s bisexual, also brought along her longtime girlfriend, artist Tasya van Ree.

Tabloid reports also linked Depp to his Dark Shadows costar Eva Green, as well as to his longtime publicist Robin Baum, who was a fixture during his globetrotting promotional duties for Dark Shadows.

Now that he is officially single, hot ladies will sure be throwing themselves at him. Who do you think will be Johnny’s best new match?

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Image: Dramarama

Sheryl Crow Reveals Having Brain Tumor

Sheryl Crow has a benign brain tumor, the singer revealed in a new interview.

“I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI. And I found out I have a brain tumor,” Crow tells the Las Vegas Review Journal. The singer’s rep says that the Grammy winner, 50, is healthy and happy. The tumor is a meningioma, which is typically benign and develops from the brain and spinal cord linings. It should not require surgery.

Crow, who has two young sons, says she recently forgot some of the words to her song “Soak Up the Sun” while performing in Florida. “I’m 50, what can I say? My brain’s gone to [expletive],” she cracked at the time.

Crow battled breast cancer in 2006. “I think it was a great release for me, just going through the experience,” she told PEOPLE that year.  ”It’s what you do with the experience that really defines who you become … I let go of a lot of the pressure I used to put on myself.”

We’re glad to know that the tumor is benign and we’re pretty sure a lot of people are cheering her on. Readers, feel free to express your well-wishes and encouragement to Sheryl Crow in the comment box below!

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