Lindsay Lohan Fires Lawyer Who Has Bailed Her Out For Years

Lindsay Lohan Boots Lawyer Who Has Bailed Her Out For YearsLindsay Lohan has made one of the worst decisions of her life … firing Shawn Holley – the lawyer who has kept her out of jail multiple times — and hired a New York lawyer, who was suspended from practicing law for 5 years back in 1994 … sources tell TMZ.

‘Too effective’

Lohan is facing criminal prosecution in both California and New York.  Attorney Mark Heller is repping Lindsay in the NYC assault case. Shawn Holley was repping LiLo in L.A. in her multiple criminal cases — most recently the car crash where she allegedly lied to cops.

It’s a stunning development — given that Holley has taken heat for being too effective, keeping Lindsay out of the pokey in the jewelry heist case as well as several probation violation cases. And she’s almost magically made some criminal investigations disappear.

‘Sweet settlement’

Bad timing on Lindsay’s part, because sources tell us … Holley was literally on her way to the courthouse when Heller sent his letter — she was trying to negotiate yet another sweet settlement for Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case.

What do you think made Lindsay Lohan decide to fire Attorney Shawn Holley and hire Attorney Mark Heller in her place? Could this decision yield any positive result in her legal problems?

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Lindsay Lohan: I’ve Lost Control But It’s STILL Not My Fault

Lindsay Lohan I've Lost Control But It's STILL Not My FaultLindsay Lohan is telling friends, she thought she had turned over a new leaf back in March when she completed the terms of her sentence in the jewelry heist case … and Judge Stephanie Sautner maternally warned, “Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

‘Blaming it on others’

Lindsay clearly ignored that advice …  and now we’re told she’s inconsolable – repeatedly calling her lawyer Shawn Holley in tears.  In classic Lindsay form, she knows her life is out of control, but she’s blaming it on others, saying she has again hooked up with a bad group of people and had run-ins with “opportunists” who have tried to provoke her.

‘Avoid jail’

As for drugs and alcohol … Lindsay is still adamant … she doesn’t have a problem.  As they say, there is none so blind as those who will not see.

Lindsay believes her real problem is that she never stuck with counseling, but thinks regular appointments with a professional could be her salvation.  It’s probably not coincidental that counseling is now the only possible way she can avoid jail for the new crimes and probation violation.

Well, that was some realization for LiLo! But do you believe deep down that counseling is her only salvation? What would it take to make her turn over a new leaf for good? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Faces 8 Months Behind Bars For Probation Violation

Lindsay Lohan Faces 8 Months Behind Bars For Probation ViolationLindsay Lohan is exactly one day away from having her probation revoked … and the end game could be 245 days in the slammer … TMZ has learned.

‘Breaking the law again’

Law enforcement sources connected with her most recent case tell TMZ … when Lindsay is arraigned Wednesday for allegedly lying to cops and reckless driving in connection with her car accident last June … the judge will revoke her probation in the jewelry heist case and set a date for a hearing to formally decide if Lindsay violated the terms of her probation by breaking the law again.

We’re told the hearing will be conducted at the same time Lindsay stands trial on the criminal charges.  And get this — even if Lindsay is found not guilty in the criminal case, the judge can still rule she violated her probation because the standard of proving a probation violation is significantly lower than proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

‘Jail time’

The stakes for Lindsay are high — up to 8 months in jail, and that doesn’t include jail time if she’s convicted in the car accident case.

Sources tell us … the L.A. City Attorney is “out for blood” and they will file papers Wednesday asking that Lindsay’s probation be revoked.  Fact is … the judge does it on her own … the prosecutors don’t even have to ask for it, but their voice will certainly be heard.

Are you in favor of the 8-month jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan? Do you think there’s still hope for her? Tell us what you think of this latest development in LiLo’s legal troubles! Sound off in the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Is Adamant She Does NOT Need Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan Is Adamant She Does NOT Need RehabLindsay Lohan’s friends are trying to make her go to rehab, but she’s saying NO! NO! NO! … telling them she doesn’t believe she needs it … TMZ has learned.

‘Two liters of vodka per day’

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has become so stressed out by her impending probation violation, she’s been hitting the bottle hard … drinking as much as two liters of vodka per day.

According to our sources, close friends of Lindsay have been urging her to go to rehab BEFORE she goes to court … hoping the move might win her favor with the judge.

‘Does not need rehab’

But we’re told Lindsay is having none of it … telling friends she does not think she has a problem with alcohol. Our sources say Lindsay points to the fact that she recently completed three movies as proof she does not need rehab. Funny … cause watching “Liz & Dick” suggests the opposite.

We’re told Lindsay is worried about the upcoming hearing, but maintains she will not check into rehab as a way to try and avoid jail time. Don’t say they didn’t warn you.

Should Lindsay Lohan go to rehab? Should she go on with her career as an actress or just try to live a scot-free life under the radar? Tell us what you think of this issue. Send us your feedback through the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail Time If Judge Revokes Probation

Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail Time If Judge Revokes ProbationLindsay Lohan is about to have her probation revoked … TMZ has learned.

‘Lying to cops’

We broke the story … Lindsay will be charged with the criminal offense of lying to a police officer.  As you recall, she told Santa Monica cops she was not driving her Porsche last June when it slammed into an 18-wheeler on Pacific Coast Highway.  Fact is, she was — and lying to cops is a crime.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … when the Santa Monica City Attorney files the criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment.  At the time Lindsay is arraigned, we’re told Judge Godfrey will revoke Lindsay’s probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewelry case by breaking the law.

‘Criminal case’

In case you’re wondering, the judge who handled the jewelry case, Stephanie Sautner, will not be involved in the probation violation case.  Once Lindsay was sentenced, the probation case gets sent to whatever judge is hearing the next criminal case against LiLo. We’re told the criminal case will be filed soon.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will be behind bars again soon? Can someone please give her some sensible tips on how to stay out of trouble next time? LOL! Feel free to comment on this latest LiLo hubbub!

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Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges For Lying To Cops About Car Crash

Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges For Lying To Cops About Car CrashLindsay Lohan will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her car accident in June on Pacific Coast Highway … TMZ has learned.

‘Huge trouble’

We broke the story … Lohan told cops she was NOT behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler.  Fact is she was — according to multiple witnesses. Law enforcement sources tell us … the case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney … possibly this week.

The charge could spell huge trouble for Lindsay, because she’s currently on probation for the jewelry heist.  The criminal filing could trigger a probation violation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner – the jewelry judge — could send her to the slammer for a long, long time.

‘Probation violation’

You may recall, after the accident, Lindsay went to the hospital where she was interviewed by cops, and that’s when she told them she wasn’t behind the wheel.  Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, made a mad dash for the hospital to muzzle her client, but she was a few minutes too late.

Sources at the L.A. City Attorney’s Office tell TMZ … they were unaware the Santa Monica City Attorney was going to file criminal charges against Lindsay until they read our post this morning.  They are “gathering information” but so far no decision has been made regarding a possible probation violation in Lindsay’s jewelry heist case.

Will Lindsay Lohan manage to entangle herself from this recent trouble? Feel free to comment on this hot issue!

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Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Violent Fight With ‘Wasted’ Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and mama Dina were in a blowout, violent fight early this morning, that ended in a 911 call with cops rushing to the scene … TMZ has learned.

It started last night when the duo went to a nightclub in New York City.  Our photog says they left the club at around 4 AM and headed back to Dina’s home on Long Island. Lindsay and Dina started arguing in the car and it escalated when they got home.  We’re told it became physical with Lindsay sustaining a cut on her leg.  We’re also told there was property damage — including a broken bracelet of Lindsay’s — that occurred during the scuffle.

TMZ just posted explosive audio of Lindsay’s phone conversation with her father during the fight, in which Lindsay says, “Dad, she’s on cocaine.”

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … Dina was “wasted” at the nightclub.  We’re told the fight started when Lindsay wanted to take her limo to her NYC hotel, but Dina wanted to take it to her home in Long Island, to avoid paying for a taxi.  Somehow Dina prevailed, over the intense protests of her daughter.   We’re told Dina scratched Lindsay’s leg in the process.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops took a Domestic Incident Report but no arrests were made. We’re told the 911 call was a domestic violence call.  Sources say in one of the 911 calls to cops … the caller said Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina and the driver.

What can you say about all the Lohan dramz going on here? What do you think really happened? Feel free to publish your comments to the world via the comment box below!

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Goodyear: FREE Driving Lessons For Lindsay Lohan And Amanda Bynes!

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are such terrible drivers … tire giant Goodyear has decided to offer the actresses FREE driving lessons — hoping to reduce the danger they present behind the wheel … to themselves and others.

A rep for Goodyear just fired off near-identical letters in an attempt to reach Lindsay and Amanda, writing, “We’re sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap … We’re concerned for your safety and the safety of those who hit the road each day, and we’d like to help out any way we can.”

In case you forgot, Lindsay’s latest mishap occurred this week — when she was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in NYC and fleeing the scene. Amanda’s had countless mishaps in the last several months — including two alleged hit-and-runs and one alleged DUI.

Goodyear’s solution — the tire company says it wants to fly the girls out to its headquarters in Akron for “a private 1-on-1 lesson with our professional drivers — no paparazzi allowed — who can show you all the do’s and don’ts of driving safely.” According to the letter, Goodyear is offering Amanda and Lindsay full access to its awesome test track and course for the lessons.

Should Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes jump at Goodyear’s offer of free driving lessons? (Duh, of course they should!) Well, what do you think about this issue? Feel free to air out your thoughts via the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Leaving Scene Of Accident

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident early this morning after allegedly clipping a pedestrian in downtown Manhattan … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pulling in to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC when — at a very low speed — she allegedly hit the knee of a 30-something year old guy. That was around shortly after midnight. We’re told one of Lindsay’s passengers in the SUV got out and checked the vehicle for damage, and then LiLo and co. went inside the hotel.

We’re told someone called police while Lindsay was inside … and when she walked out of the hotel — around 2:30AM ET — officers arrested her. According to our sources … Lindsay was taken to the station, fingerprinted, photographed and booked for leaving the scene of an accident — a misdemeanor — and then released with a desk appearance ticket … meaning she did not have to pay bail before release.

We’re told alcohol was not involved. We’re told the alleged victim was hospitalized … however, he was not knocked down or dragged, and didn’t have any visible injuries.

Even without a conviction, Judge Stephanie Sautner – the judge in the jewelry theft case — could haul Lindsay’s butt into court if there’s probable cause to believe she committed a crime.

Lindsay is telling friends she had no idea she hit anybody and it wasn’t until she came out and got arrested that she knew anything was going on. Surveillance video of the Lindsay accident appears to show her accuser was exaggerating. Lindsay’s accuser says she was ”slurring” her words and reeked of booze.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell each time, but we still gotta ask: Who do you think is telling the truth — Lindsay Lohan or the alleged victim? Shout out your thoughts via the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Status Updated To ‘Suspect’ In Jewelry Heist

Lindsay Lohan is now formally a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid a week ago when Sam called the LAPD and reported a jewelry theft.   We’re told Lindsay has been at the house frequently, including at an all-night house party a week ago Sunday. Law enforcement sources tell us … Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects in the theft.

Now here’s the twist … We’re told Sam has recanted his story and now says nothing was stolen.  But our sources say cops are not closing out the investigation because they believe they have independent witnesses who can finger Lindsay and Gavin as the thieves.

Sources tell us … LAPD detectives contacted the lawyer for Lindsay and Gavin today, asking for an interview with the two suspects but the lawyer rejected the request.

It’s unclear why Sam — who is insanely wealthy — suddenly changed his tune. One final thing … This is really bad news for Lindsay, because she’s on probation for the theft case involving the necklace at a Venice jewelry store.  She could go to jail if she violates probation by stealing more jewelry.

In the midst of all the confusion, we’d like to boggle your mind some more by asking: Do you think Lindsay Lohan is directly involved in the jewelry heist? OR is this just another extremely unfortunate coincidence for LiLo? Air out your speculations in the comment box below!

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