Phillip Phillips Survived 8 Operations Through The ‘American Idol’ Season

The American Idol winner Phillip Phillips dazzled viewers all season long, despite battling chronic kidney problems – and having eight separate surgeries – since the competition began, his father told PEOPLE Wednesday after an eventful finale.

“He’s been doing [well], but it’s just grueling hours and it’s just amazing what he’s done through the journey,” said the singer’s dad, also named Phillip Phillips, at the show’s official Ford-sponsored after party. “Eight operations since we started American Idol … He’s hitting 50 percent, but he’s still up there swinging away.”

The younger Phillips, 21, suffered with a build up of kidney stones and underwent multiple operations to remove them. In the next few weeks, after another surgery to reconstruct his kidneys, he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the Idols Live tour.

“The recovery’s probably two to four weeks,” said his father. “He’s healthy, he’s good. His kidneys are good. I can’t wait for America and the whole world to see him [after his surgery], because he’s a big cut-up. He’s going to have some fun.”

The singer himself told reporters Wednesday that the problems were a struggle but that he had the support to get through them.

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American Idol Season 11 Winner Announced!

Well, after four months and a record-setting 132 million votes, it’s official: Phillip Phillips is the 11th American Idol.

After four male champions in a row, many “Idol” fans were no doubt hoping that runner-up Jessica Sanchez, arguably the technically best vocalist of Season 11, would be the girl to break the female curse on “Idol.” And I suspect that “Idol’s” powers-that-be were rooting for Jessica as well.

And it’s true that–considering how some of “Idol’s” biggest success stories (Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, Jordin) have been the female winners, and that in the real world, female pop singers dominate the charts–it might’ve been better for “the franchise” if Jessica had won. But “Idol” fans don’t care about “the franchise”; they simply vote for whom they like, and they vote with their hearts as well as with their ears.

Outraged conspiracy theorists will surely cry racism or sexism, or some other “ism,” when lamenting Jessica’s defeat, but maybe the reason why Phillip won was just more simple, and more innocent, than all that. Maybe viewers just liked Phillip’s music more. I don’t think Phillip coasted to the winner’s circle on boyish charm alone; the guy is undeniably talented, and I believe he has it in him to make a great record. I just hope it is a great-selling record too, since, let’s face it, the show’s credibility IS on the line.

However, I think there is a place for both Phillip and Jessica on the charts, as long as they both record strong material that plays to their very different strengths and very different fanbases. If Iovine does right by these two, then we may end up with two “winners,” so to speak, of Season 11. And that would be the best thing for “the franchise” of all.

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Jessica Sanchez Dedicates Song To Dad For American Idol Homecoming

Jessica Sanchez was greeted with open arms when she returned to Chula Vista, Calif., for American Idol‘s hometown heroes week.

Cheered by thousands of fans, the finalist waved as she rode through town in a car with her two little brothers into Eastlake High School’s stadium on Saturday.

“I feel amazing,” Sanchez, 16, said as she made her way to the stadium’s stage. “I’m so happy to represent Chula Vista. It was the people. I missed the people so much. I love you guys. Thank you for all the support.”

With the town’s mayor declaring May 12 as “Jessica Sanchez Day,” the singer sang four songs, including Whitney Houston’s ”I Will Always Love You.” But it was one of her following performances at the USS Midway Museum that turned emotional. Sanchez invited her dad on stage to sang a rendition of Luther Vandross’s “Dance with My Father.” Her dad, a member of the U.S. Navy, is being deployed to Singapore.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, fellow finalists Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips also headed home to film segments that will be featured on Wednesday’s episode of Idol.

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J. Lo Calls American Idol Results ‘Crazy’

American Idol‘s lucky seven had a mostly fantastic night on Wednesday. But when everyone does well, it only makes elimination night harder.

It’s true that top contenders at this point in the competition have been eliminated. It happened to Jennifer Hudson, who performed “Think Like a Man” with Ne-Yo on Thursday. Then again, it also happened to Sanjaya Malakar. Ryan called the contestants out one by one and divided them in two groups: Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon on one side of the stage and Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet on the other.  Well, Skylar was declared safe. Then, Ryan put her with Hollie, Phillip and Colton, meaning the four of them would be back next week.

“I’ve never seen this happen,” an irate Randy Jackson said of having two frontrunners – Jessica and Joshua – in the bottom with Elise. “This is a ridiculous bottom three … [America] got it wrong tonight, so wrong.”

He was even more appalled when Jessica, who has yet to miss a step this season, was announced to be the contestant with the lowest number of votes.  While Jessica performed her last-chance song, the judges stormed the stage and stopped her. Jennifer Lopez shouted, “Gimme that mic! This is crazy … you ain’t going home! Go sit down!”

Then Randy made it official: “We are saving Jessica without any doubt,” he said, “This girl is one of the best singers in America ever!”

Was Jessica surprised to be at risk to leave the show in seventh place? “Not at all,” she told Ryan. “I don’t expect anything. I just do what I do. Whatever happens happens. I just want people to know I’ve been working hard my whole life.”

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