Russell Brand Spices Up His Love Life With Geri Halliwell

YES! YES! YES! Russell Brand has found himself a new pop star to be his lover! According to multiple reports, the British comic has ended his relationship with yoga instructor Isabella Brewster and is now getting serious with none other than Spice Girl Geri Halliwell!!

Our insiders reveal:

“Things are getting very serious between them — they’re a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each other during the Olympics. People thought Russell was joking at the time, when he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true. They just clicked — they have so much in common. They’ve exactly the same sense of humour and are serious about clean living.”

It sounds like Russ is doing this right. He became Geri’s friend before her lover, which — from what we understand — is what she really, really wanted. HA! According to his pals, the comic is totally changing his schedule to spend time with the single mom.

EKK! We couldn’t have dreamed up a better couple if we had tired! We only wish this news didn’t come during such a hard time for the ex-Mrs. Brand…

Do you approve of Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell’s newfound romance? How do you think Katy Perry would react to her ex-husband’s new spice? Feel free to give us a shout out in the comment box below!

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Justin Bieber: Prince William’s Thinning Hair Is EMBARRASSING!

Justin Bieber clearly does not believe bald is beautiful … in fact, the pop star thinks Prince William’s thinning hairline is downright embarrassing.

Bieber went after the Prince to Rollercoaster magazine, a U.K. publication … after the Prince’s disappearing locks became the topic of conversation.

“I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia,” Bieber said. He added, “I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

So, what business does he have with Prince William’s thinning hair? And hasn’t he heard that Propecia has some REALLY SERIOUS side effects like long-term infertility and shrinking manhood? Being married for just over a year, maybe the Duke of Cambridge should just enjoy his bare charm and shy away from those hair growing chemicals lest it jest his chance to have an heir, wouldn’t you agree?

So far, no comment from Prince William … but we’re guessing it would go something like, “Justin Bieber is a bloody wanker” … or something Britishy like that.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s comments about the Duke of Cambridge’s receding hairline? And should Prince William really opt for Propecia? Share your thoughts with us!

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Westlife Singer Shane Filan Bankrupt After Failure To Tackle Debts

Westlife singer Shane Filan has been declared bankrupt in the UK. The Irish band have sold millions of records but Mr Filan suffered enormous losses in his country’s property crash.

In a statement, the 32-year-old said he had “worked long and hard” to tackle his debts and was devastated that his problems have come to this conclusion. The pop star filed for bankruptcy in the UK which has a less onerous bankruptcy regime than the Republic of Ireland. In the UK the period of bankruptcy typically lasts for a year but in the Republic of Ireland it is at least three years and more commonly 12 years.

Mr Filan owns a property company, Shafin Developments Limited, with his brother Finbarr. It was established in 2004 and had been involved in developments in Counties Leitrim and Sligo in the west of Ireland. Last month, the company was placed in receivership.

Earlier this week, the singer was declared bankrupt at Kingston-upon-Thames County Court and his name has been placed on the UK insolvency register. The father-of-three is the latest in a steady stream of highly indebted Irish property developers who have filed for bankruptcy in the UK.

Ireland has agreed to liberalise its bankruptcy regime as one of the conditions of its EU/ IMF bailout. However the country’s banks are concerned that the reforms could lead to a flood of mortgage defaults as ordinary homeowners use bankruptcy to escape from negative equity.

This is a sad news for everybody, especially for Westlife fans. Do you think Shane Filan could get out of his bankrupt status quickly?

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Lady Gaga Goes Pantless on Her 26th Birthday

Lady Gaga may have told Oprah Winfrey that she didn’t “intend to speak to anyone for a very long time,” but she’s certainly commanding attention in other ways. Her latest “look at me” moment occurred on Wednesday (her 26th birthday) — a mere 10 days after her comment to Winfrey — when the pop star stepped out in West Hollywood in a rhinestone-covered crown, studded motorcycle jacket … and no pants.

Instead, Gaga, who also carried around a little dog in a white T-shirt, opted for a pair of black sheer tights over her brief-style panties. She even posted a photo of her kooky getup on Twitter, with a message to her more than 21 million followers: “I can be, the Queen that’s inside of me. You guys are the best.”

Whatever Gaga does, her Little Monsters revel in it. Although wearing a crown could be considered a bit vain (even for a celebrity), countless fans re-tweeted her photo, and even more left her loving comments telling their Mother Monster how beautiful she was and wishing her the happiest of birthdays.

Ever since Gaga’s March 18 interview with Winfrey, during which she revealed she was going to purposely retreat out of the public eye, she’s really done anything but. Although she hasn’t been constantly out and about, she has made her presence known via her Twitter account, where she tweets out messages and photos of herself practically every day.

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Texans Threaten to Sue Justin Bieber for Twitter Prank

Justin Bieber is a reckless, no good prankster — this according to 2 people in Texas, who are now threatening legal action against the pop star … claiming Bieber coaxed millions of people into harassing them over the phone.

In case you’re not one of Bieber’s nearly 19 MILLION followers — the singer randomly Tweeted a phone number earlier this month with the caption, “Call me right now.” But the number was missing the final digit … leading hordes of teen girls to guess what it might be. The tweet was later deleted, but the damage was done.

As a result, two people in Texas — an older woman named Dilcie and a man named Kent — claim their phones have been ringing off the hook non-stop … and now, they’ve lawyered up to force Bieber to pay for his actions.

The lawyer tells TMZ, her clients’ patience “wears thin” after receiving over 1,000 phone calls at all hours of the day — and they want compensation for all the problems Justin caused with his “reckless” behavior.

Suggestions from the legal team include: concert tickets for Ms. Fleming’s grandchildren, a Bieber apology, an endorsement for Kent’s upcoming online project … and lastly … money for any out of pocket expenses. According to the lawyer, Justin better play ball … or else.

Source: TMZ

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