Madonna Calls Obama A ‘Black Muslim’ In Confusing Endorsement

Madonna asked everyone in the audience of her Washington, DC performance Monday night to vote for President Obama because he is a “black Muslim.”

“Y’all better vote for f**king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right?” the shouted from stage while sipping from a bottle of water with a straw. “”We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing s**t.” We’re not sure what to make out of that but it sounds like Madonna is endorsing Obama.

Madonna, 54, also stripped down to her bra to reveal “Obama” stenciled in big letters on her back, before promising (or warning?): “When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off.” Whoa! We’re guessing a lot of people will be looking forward to (and dreading) that onstage stripping by Madge! Which side of the coin are you?

President Obama is not a Muslim.

Well, do you believe Obama is a “Black Muslim?” Are you going to vote for him this coming election? What do you think of Madonna’s bizarre endorsement of President Barack Obama? Feel free to air out your thoughts and opinions via the comment box below!

Source: Fox News

Image: Vibe Vixen

Cher’s Mom Looks Unbelievably Young And Gorgeous!

Ever wonder how Cher manages to look so great at age 66? Look no further than her genes, as evidenced by a photo the singer/actress tweeted of her beautiful mother, Georgia Holt, on Wednesday.

The shot was taken en route to meet President Obama–Cher took Mom along as her “date”–and it appears even he was impressed by Holt’s slender and youthful appearance: ”Told him mom’s 86,” Cher tweeted of the meeting. “He said ‘Georgia, tell me what u eat’ & smiled!”

Holt’s reaction to the President’s admiration? “Mom was all ‘OMG!’” Cher said. Can’t blame her–it’s not every day a girl gets compliments from the Commander in Chief!

Cher also noted on Twitter that President Obama was “warm, funny,” and “so sweet.” Cher’s mom wasn’t the only family member who got to come along for the special occasion. Cher also tweeted a photo with her son Chaz, who was suited up for the meeting in dress slacks, tie, and a big smile.

We can’t deny the very close resemblance that Cher has with her mom. Still, we can’t resist asking… Do you think the pair just has good genes.. or good doctors? Tell us your opinions in the comment box below!

Source & Image: Yahoo News