Country Singer Mindy McCready Commits Suicide

Country Singer Mindy McCready Commits SuicideCountry singer Mindy McCready committed suicide Sunday at her home in Arkansas, authorities say. She was 37. She is survived by her son Zander, 6, with ex Billy McKnight, and Zayne, 10 months.

‘Mental health and alcohol issues’

It was a tragic end for a woman who had such promise and early success but who spiraled into addiction and legal problems. Professionally, McCready was best known for her hit debut album Ten Thousand Angels. In recent years, it’s been the singer’s personal troubles making headlines, though she was attempting to reestablish her music career. In 2010, McCready released a new album titled I’m Still Here.

In January, McCready’s life partner and Zayne’s father, singer-songwriter David Wilson, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Just three weeks later, a judge ordered McCready to be committed to a treatment facility to cope with mental health and alcohol issues and her sons were placed in foster care. Police opened an investigation into Wilson’s death, telling PEOPLE that the cause of death was ‘unknown.’

‘Got in the way of her success’

McCready became one of country music’s most promising artists when Ten Thousand Angels went double platinum in 1996. The album spawned four top ten singles, including the no. 1 hit “Guys Do It All the Time.” That year, she was nominated as the Top New Female Vocalist at the Academy of Country Music Awards and as Favorite New Artist for the American Music Awards.

But her personal life soon got in the way of her success. In 2004, after illegally obtaining Oxycontin, she was charged with prescription drug fraud. She served three years of probation and performed 200 hours of community service. The following year, she was arrested and charged with DUI and driving with a suspended license.

What do you think drove Mindy McCready to take her own life? And what do you think will become of the two kids that she left behind?

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Chris Brown And Rihanna Showed Up In Court Together!

Chris Brown And Rihanna Showed Up In Court TogetherThe most shocking development yet in the Chris Brown probation saga … HE SHOWED UP TO COURT TODAY WITH RIHANNA!!!!

‘Allegations that he lied’

Brown — and the woman he was convicted of beating in 2009 — arrived to the L.A. Courthouse together Wednesday afternoon where Chris faced allegations that he lied about completing his community service. Rihanna sat quietly in the gallery with Chris’ mom as Brown and his lawyer Mark Geragos told the  judge the singer did nothing wrong.

‘Scheme to dupe the court’

As we first reported, prosecutors believe Chris participated in a scheme to DUPE the court by getting Virginia officials to say he completed service at a day care center that he never actually performed. But today in court, the judge said he needed more time to review all of the evidence presented by the D.A..– and ordered Brown to meet with his probation officer within 48 hours to discuss the situation.

Brown and Rihanna left the courtroom arm-in-arm — and one person on the scene tell us she smiled at the singer and tried to cheer him up as they left the building.

Well, well, well. What do you make of this interesting court appearance by Rihanna and Chris Brown? How long do you think will their relationship last? Feel free to comment on this controversial celebrity love-knot and broadcast your thoughts via the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Faces 8 Months Behind Bars For Probation Violation

Lindsay Lohan Faces 8 Months Behind Bars For Probation ViolationLindsay Lohan is exactly one day away from having her probation revoked … and the end game could be 245 days in the slammer … TMZ has learned.

‘Breaking the law again’

Law enforcement sources connected with her most recent case tell TMZ … when Lindsay is arraigned Wednesday for allegedly lying to cops and reckless driving in connection with her car accident last June … the judge will revoke her probation in the jewelry heist case and set a date for a hearing to formally decide if Lindsay violated the terms of her probation by breaking the law again.

We’re told the hearing will be conducted at the same time Lindsay stands trial on the criminal charges.  And get this — even if Lindsay is found not guilty in the criminal case, the judge can still rule she violated her probation because the standard of proving a probation violation is significantly lower than proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

‘Jail time’

The stakes for Lindsay are high — up to 8 months in jail, and that doesn’t include jail time if she’s convicted in the car accident case.

Sources tell us … the L.A. City Attorney is “out for blood” and they will file papers Wednesday asking that Lindsay’s probation be revoked.  Fact is … the judge does it on her own … the prosecutors don’t even have to ask for it, but their voice will certainly be heard.

Are you in favor of the 8-month jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan? Do you think there’s still hope for her? Tell us what you think of this latest development in LiLo’s legal troubles! Sound off in the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges For Lying To Cops About Car Crash

Lindsay Lohan To Face Charges For Lying To Cops About Car CrashLindsay Lohan will be charged with the crime of lying to police after her car accident in June on Pacific Coast Highway … TMZ has learned.

‘Huge trouble’

We broke the story … Lohan told cops she was NOT behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler.  Fact is she was — according to multiple witnesses. Law enforcement sources tell us … the case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney … possibly this week.

The charge could spell huge trouble for Lindsay, because she’s currently on probation for the jewelry heist.  The criminal filing could trigger a probation violation, and Judge Stephanie Sautner – the jewelry judge — could send her to the slammer for a long, long time.

‘Probation violation’

You may recall, after the accident, Lindsay went to the hospital where she was interviewed by cops, and that’s when she told them she wasn’t behind the wheel.  Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, made a mad dash for the hospital to muzzle her client, but she was a few minutes too late.

Sources at the L.A. City Attorney’s Office tell TMZ … they were unaware the Santa Monica City Attorney was going to file criminal charges against Lindsay until they read our post this morning.  They are “gathering information” but so far no decision has been made regarding a possible probation violation in Lindsay’s jewelry heist case.

Will Lindsay Lohan manage to entangle herself from this recent trouble? Feel free to comment on this hot issue!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Status Updated To ‘Suspect’ In Jewelry Heist

Lindsay Lohan is now formally a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid a week ago when Sam called the LAPD and reported a jewelry theft.   We’re told Lindsay has been at the house frequently, including at an all-night house party a week ago Sunday. Law enforcement sources tell us … Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects in the theft.

Now here’s the twist … We’re told Sam has recanted his story and now says nothing was stolen.  But our sources say cops are not closing out the investigation because they believe they have independent witnesses who can finger Lindsay and Gavin as the thieves.

Sources tell us … LAPD detectives contacted the lawyer for Lindsay and Gavin today, asking for an interview with the two suspects but the lawyer rejected the request.

It’s unclear why Sam — who is insanely wealthy — suddenly changed his tune. One final thing … This is really bad news for Lindsay, because she’s on probation for the theft case involving the necklace at a Venice jewelry store.  She could go to jail if she violates probation by stealing more jewelry.

In the midst of all the confusion, we’d like to boggle your mind some more by asking: Do you think Lindsay Lohan is directly involved in the jewelry heist? OR is this just another extremely unfortunate coincidence for LiLo? Air out your speculations in the comment box below!

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Lindsay Lohan Cast As Elizabeth Taylor In ‘Liz And Dick’

Looks like LiLo is set for a comeback: Lifetime has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will be taking on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic ”Liz and Dick,” a TV movie that will focus on the star’s on-again, off-again romance with Richard Burton.

Lifetime has referred to Lohan, 25, who starred in “Mean Girls” and “The Parent Trap” and who is off probation, as “perfect” for the part. In an interview with E! News, producer Larry Thompson said, “We could hire actresses that would be great and people would watch it, but I think that Lindsay brings to Elizabeth Taylor and to our project that sparkle of magic, that sparkle of today.”

Along with sharing good looks, both stars wrestled with addiction in the past, with each of them spending time at the Betty Ford Center.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Lohan said, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”

Is Lindsay Lohan the perfect actress to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor? Tell us what you think!

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