Kobe Bryant: Smush Parker Is ‘The Worst’ Ex-Teammate

Kobe Bryant Smush Parker Is 'The Worst' Ex-TeammateLakers superstar Kobe Bryant is still a little chippy about the lineups that surrounded him during that 45-win season from 2005-06. Up to and including calling former starting point guard Smush Parker “the worst,” just before Wednesday night’s exhibition loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

‘We Were Too Cheap’

From Janis Carr at the Orange County Register:

“I almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team,” Bryant said before Wednesday’s 93-75 exhibition loss to Portland. “I was shooting 45 times a game. What was I supposed to do? Pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown?”

Bryant continued, taking aim at his favorite whipping boy, Parker, calling him “the worst. He shouldn’t have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. So we let him walk on.” 

‘Calling the Guys Out’

About the talent surrounding him, or having to shoot 45 times (27.2, actually) a game, Kobe is spot on. Calling the guys out, though? Parker, we can understand — he’s been taking shots at Kobe for years, now. Kwame? His effort was lacking, per usual, and he turned the ball over on nearly 17 percent of the possessions he used up. Chris Mihm? We’re not feeling that as much. (And, as far as the Lakers being “too cheap to pay for a point guard,” Kobe’s a little off there, as well.)

Life is a lot easier, now, with Steve Nash handling point guard duties and Dwight Howard ready to throw down as many lobs as Kobe will give him, so you can’t blame the man for giddily considering how far he’s come. But names, Kobe? Their names? Cold. It’s going to be a fun season in Los Angeles. And a hell of a lot of fun as Kobe gets older, and grumpier.

Well, what do you think of Kobe Bryant’s lashing out at his ex-teammates? Feel free to broadcast your opinions to the world via the comment box below!

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Katie Holmes Divorces Tom Cruise — Scientology To Blame?

Last week, Tom Cruise took daughter Suri and son Connor to an awards ceremony in New York. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes was on the other side of the planet in Taiwan. The official reason was to promote an ice skating event. Now that Holmes filed for divorce on Friday, according to People, Holmes’ Taiwan trip seems more like a warning sign than anything else.

In recent months, the couple was rarely photographed together, even when the two were in the same city. What has been spotlighted, particularly in the Daily Mail, is Holmes’ recent style. The usually impeccably dressed actress has been photographed looking like, well, a down-to-earth mom. Untucked button-downs, jeans, loosely wet knotted hair — none of which would raise alarm bells unless you were a superstar known for a meticulously managed makeover since her marriage began more than five years ago.

One stressor on the relationship could stem from Cruise’s devotion to Scientology — it’s long been blamed for his split from Nicole Kidman – and the serious allegations of his mistreatment of lower-ranked members of the religious group, as this New Yorker article pointed out.

If Holmes thought her marriage to a superstar would be a boon to her career, she was wrong. Since their union began about six years ago, her professional life has taken a backseat to being a wife and mother. That may have been her choosing, but a recent interview with Cruise in Playboy suggests an unsettled Holmes, who wanted more from her career than just being known as a superstar’s wife.

It’s something Cruise’s second ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, was all too familiar with. When asked in an interview with Vanity Fair whether women could have both marriage and career, she said of her marriage to Cruise: “I think I had to choose. I think (the marriage) would have come down to it. I suppose it wasn’t meant to be.”

What do you think is the real reason why Katie Holmes decided to file for divorce from Tom Cruise? Ladies, would YOU date Tom Cruise despite all the Scientology stuff?

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J.Lo’s Generous Gift For Beau’s 25th Birthday

No doubt about it: 25 is a big birthday. And when you’re Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, prepare for a serious celebration.

According to People magazine, the superstar bought her beau, Casper Smart, a customized white Dodge Ram pick-up truck. A source told the magazine, “Jennifer had planned a fun day to celebrate Casper’s birthday, adding, she “knew that Casper really wanted a truck, and Casper was very excited about the generous gift.”

With a gift like that, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be his best birthday yet. Smart immediately made use of the practical present by driving himself and Lopez to his birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, where they were joined by friends. A photo of the two in Casper’s new ride shows the couple all smiles.

Comments on the Web were mixed about J. Lo’s generosity. While one fan worried, “Honestly, doesn’t she want a man who doesn’t depend on her money. She’s buying him.” “It was very nice for her to buy the current beau a truck.” Another applauded, “good for her for doing what she wants.” Another agreed, “She is HAPPY and thats what matters.”

The ”American Idol” judge was first spotted with the back-up dancer in the fall of last year, after her split with husband Marc Anthony.

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