Controversial Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’ Permanently Shelved

A documentary that investigated a possible cover-up of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed’s 1997 death has been permanently shelved just weeks before it was set to hit theaters.

Unlawful Killing was produced by Al-Fayed’s billionaire father and purchased by distributors at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Controversy surrounds the flick because it paints a negative picture of Prince Charles’ family by alleging a Royal cover-up and conspiracy to keep key facts from the media.

While we’re sure the world would have been slightly intrigued to see what dirt director Keith Allen dug up, the film’s distributors required global insurance coverage to protect themselves from lawsuits, which they were unable to secure in the U.K. and France. As a result, producers have decided that the film is unreleasable and have said in a statement:

“It became undoable. We are all disappointed. We worked on Unlawful Killing for four years. We’ve written back to all of the distributors and are returning their minimum guarantees. We’re doing the decent thing.”

Oh well, disappointing as it is, I think this news is a relief for the royal family. But we gotta ask… Would you have wanted to see what Unlawful Killing had to present? OR would you rather that the world be kept in the dark about Keith Allen’s investigation?

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William And Kate Practicing To Be Parents?

Are Prince William and his wife Kate practicing their parenting skills? The royal couple, who will celebrate their one-year anniversary on April 29, doted on a tiny baby at a party Thursday.

The prince, 29, took the 3-week-old baby, named Hugo Eric Scott, in his arms and told the baby’s dad, Vic Vicary, “He looks very sweet.” Kate, 30, came over later to chat with the little boy’s parents, Vic and Hanna, and remarked that the baby was being “so good” as she admired his Superman-style outfit.

The party marked the end of an expedition to the South Pole. The baby’s father, a Warrant Officer Second Class with the Rifles who took part in the expedition, described the Prince as “a natural” with the infant. Of course, all eyes have been on the royal newlyweds to have a baby. A royal source told PEOPLE recently that like any couple, William and Kate “will let nature and life take its course.”

In the meantime, William and Kate plan to celebrate their anniversary weekend with friends in the U.K. The couple will likely spend their actual anniversary on Sunday together at home in north Wales. The quiet, private day is a world away from their wedding of last April 29 when the world watched them say “I do.”

Do you think it’s about time that the Royal Couple start having children already? Tell us your name suggestions!

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Image: The Sun

Prince Harry Flies to Transylvania Via Budget Airline

After spending Easter weekend in Transylvania, Romania, Prince Harry fueled up with some potato chips (known as crisps in the U.K.) in one hand and a bottled beverage in the other, before heading to the airport on Monday.

The royal, 27, even had to use his teeth to carry his belongings (although it’s hard to say from the photos what exactly is in his mouth). Prior to his pre-flight snack run, Harry took a break from the Diamond Jubilee tour to spend time with friends, including a motorbike ride through the mountains.

According to U.K. reports, Count Tibor Kalnoky played host and welcomed the prince in his 16th-century Miclaus manor. Not so far away: the castle of 15th-century ruthless ruler Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula (and also known as Bram Stoker’s muse).  He also checked out properties owned by his father, Prince Charles, and enjoyed tuica, a plum brandy and the local alcoholic beverage of choice – no, not True Blood.

But those seemed to be the only special arrangements. His mode of transportation? Budget airline Wizz Air, according to a passenger, who says the prince was on her flight.

“The prince came here but he didn’t look like royalty,” another local told the Sun. “He looked like a commoner … just like me.”

Source & Image: People