Bacon Milkshake, Anyone?

Once upon a time, bacon was a side dish for eggs. Now it’s a milkshake flavor.

The California-based fast food chain, Jack in the Box, is selling a limited-edition indulgence not everyone will want to try.  The Bacon Shake consists of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and “bacon flavored syrup.” Based on the ingredients-sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, a whole lot of salt-there’s not an ounce of actual bacon in there. But a 24-ounce cup does manage to pack a lot of calories. 1,081 to be exact. On the up side, it’s got 17 grams of protein.

Outside of fast food, Bacon has become a big favorite for dessert fiends with dare-devil palates. Artisan chocolate boutiques have added the smoke to their bars and morsels. Bacon-infused donuts,cookies and cupcakes are also making their way into bakeries across the country. No room left your stomach? There’s a bacon-scented cologne to absorb through your pores, while you’re busy digesting lunch.

One theory behind the cult of bacon: it’s addictive. A recent study found that fatty foods like cheesecake, frosting and, yes, bacon, had a similar effect on the brain’s pleasure center as cocaine. When the initial sensation of euphoria passes, along with the indigestion, the c kicks in. If your need to feed gets bad enough, you’ll take your bacon flavor any way you can get it. Mainlining through a straw, however, may be a sign you’ve hit rock bottom.

Source: Yahoo News

Image: The Daily Bacon