Body Found in Queen Elizabeth’s Estate Prompts Murder Probe

Police launched a murder investigation Tuesday after a woman’s body was found on Queen Elizabeth II’s estate in Sandringham, in the English county of Norfolk.

Officers were alerted Sunday by a member of the public who found the remains while walking in the woods by the village of Anmer, near the town of King’s Lynn, Norfolk police said. Police said the area had been sealed off while forensic investigations are carried out. An autopsy conducted Tuesday revealed the remains were of a young woman and had been at the site for between one and four months, police said.

The pathologist “believes it is highly unlikely the death was through natural causes,” the police statement said. “There is no evidence of accidental injury, damage due to firearms or bladed weapon.”

Sandringham House, at the heart of the 20,000-acre rural estate, is where the royal family traditionally gathers to celebrate Christmas. It’s been the private home of four generations of British monarchs since 1862, and is one of two private residences used by the queen. Part of the estate is a 600-acre country park open to the public.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman told CNN Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip “are in residence at Sandringham from mid-December to the end of January. Sandringham House and its gardens are open to the public from April to November.



Image: National Post

Police Busts Friends for Fire Hydrant Hockey Rink

Police caught two buddies illegally using water from a fire hydrant in order to make a really cool backyard ice rink. Tony Nelin and Timmy Ryan, each 20 and from the suburbs outside Chicago, thought it would be “productive” to have the ice rink over the frigid winter months in Tinley Park. One of the kid’s parents signed off on building the backyard rink for $350.

The innovative youngsters, along with a couple of other friends, began filling it with water from a garden hose last week. After close to four hours, they decided it was going be too expensive. The friends borrowed 250 feet of fire hose from a relative who works for the fire department to finish the rink framed with lumber. The homemade frozen pond even includes a penalty box, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The custodian at Tinley Park High School discovered the fire hose connected to a running fire hydrant on school property and called police. Officers used expert detective skills, following the hose through a wooded area and right to the 91′ by 43′ partially frozen backyard ice rink.

The Chicago Tribune reports they used an estimated 26,000 gallons. That’s a lot, but in the end the expected bill for the water will be close to $130 dollars. The good news is that they will be able to keep the backyard rink because it was built on private property, and therefore it doesn’t need a special building permit. The four friends plan to split the expected fine and water fee.


Source: Yahoo! News

Image: TribLocal