George Zimmerman Rescues Family From Car Crash

George Zimmerman Rescues Family From Car CrashGeorge Zimmerman, who has not been seen publicly since his acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin earlier this month, surfaced last week to rescue an unidentified family trapped in an overturned vehicle on a Florida highway, police said Monday.

‘No reports of injuries’

Sanford Police Department Capt. Jim McAuliffe told Fox News that Zimmerman, 29, was identified by a crash victim as the man who pulled him from the mangled vehicle.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said the single-car accident occurred July 17 at approximately 5:45 pm. and involved a blue Ford Explorer SUV that had left the road and rolled over. The sheriff’s office said there were four occupants inside — two parents and two children. There were no reports of injuries.

‘Death threats’

The deputy responding to the crash said that when he arrived, two men — one of whom was Zimmerman — had already gotten the family out of the overturned vehicle. Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after making contact with the deputy, the sheriff’s office said. The crash occurred at the intersection of I-4 and Route 417 in Sanford, police said.

Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder on July 13 in the killing of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012. Zimmerman’s parents, meanwhile, have told ABC News that they have received death threats and have been unable to return to their home following the verdict.

With all the death threats and other controversies, would you have stopped to help rescue the family if you were Zimmerman? Do you think George Zimmerman should have been declared guilty in the Trayvon Martin murder case?

Source: Fox News

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Of Justice And Racial Partiality

Of Justice And Racial PartialityThe headlines have been abuzz with the controversy over George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Trayvon Martin murder case. Streets have been flooded by people who protested this acquittal and racial discrimination has been the talk of town.

‘Fine line between’

Many people believe that Zimmerman should have been pronounced guilty. Many also believe that Martin was in the wrong. Between the shouts of protests and the silent resignation, what is your opinion about dispensing justice in the wake of a case tainted by racial issues?

Whenever there is a serious case between a white and a black person (or any non-white person, for that matter), the jury is torn between two underlying and mostly unspoken issues. First, there is the issue of discrimination. Second, the issue of right justice.

Under the issue of racial discrimination, the blacks (or non-whites) are usually the victims. For this reason, lawyers, prosecutors and the jurors are usually more careful when treating the blacks because every untoward statement can be seen as discrimination. Under the issue of right justice, there is the burden to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt. And in a case as confusing as the Zimmerman-Martin case, it is easy to teeter on the fine line between dispensing justice rightfully and wrongfully identifying the true victim in the case.

‘Racially partial’

What if, in the search for true justice, the rights of the defendant are stepped upon just to avoid being called out for being racially partial? What if, the person that we thought was he victim was really the assailant? What if, even without the race factor, we still have the tendency to condemn the wrong person?

These are difficult questions that warrant careful thought and consideration. These situations can happen all the time, everywhere, to anyone. And we cannot do anything else except hope that the jurors come up with a verdict that is truly right and just.

What is your opinion regarding the Zimmerman-Martin case? Do you think the jury gave the right verdict?

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