The Caribbean — Second Feature By Ziimeo

The Caribbean --- Second Feature By ZiimeoThe Caribbean is one of the most frequented beach destinations on the planet. Whether planned or unplanned, a trip to this group of islands will surely be an unforgettable one! And because you just can’t get enough of The Caribbean, Ziimeo Travel Magazine gives you more of this charming place in its next edition. This is good news to those who have read our first Caribbean feature. You can now get another dose of your tropical vacation in Ziimeo Travel Mag’s next travel issue!

‘Unique adventures’

Ziimeo Travel Magazine is a division of, the interactive travel media sharing site for all your videos, images, music and games. Every month, this online magazine will deliver amazing travel destinations and feature unique adventures involving land, sea, and air activities. On top of that, you will get useful and practical tips for lodging, shopping, eating, and other travel services you might need. All these are brought to you by certified travel experts from different corners of the world.

‘Most relevant information’

For this second issue featuring The Caribbean, Ziimeo Travel Mag will continue to splash you with a wealth of information encompassing the jaw-dropping sights, mouth-watering foods, and exhilarating adventures just waiting to be unfurled. You will know more of this place and its local culture, entertainment, shopping destinations, and wild activities. Ziimeo Travel Mag will continue to give you a taste of the most in-demand Caribbean cuisines at your selected setting. Explore the different dive sites and discover the hidden treasures of its underwater world. Fall in love all over again with the romantic settings of the different islands of The Caribbean.

As an adventure-thirsty explorer, you will surely devour the most relevant information that Ziimeo Travel Mag will offer you. Whether you want to know about the best island destination, the most daring water activities, the most breath-taking views, the most relaxing shores, or the most delectable foods, ZTM is your go-to magazine!

Are you excited for your Caribbean adventure? Crank up the volume of your reggae music, pack your beach bag, put on some lotion, grab your camera, and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime at The Caribbean. Read Ziimeo Travel Mag because your greatest adventure can start here!

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5 Facts About High School That We Don’t Realize Until Too Late

Maybe kids today are already wise enough to see these things, but back when I was in school, it would have been nice to know that …

#5. The Things That Make You Cool Now Mean Nothing After Graduation. It’s a sort of social hierarchy that’s built around a person’s activities, looks, fashion sense and taste in entertainment, a power structure that seems to mean everything for a few years and immediately evaporates within days of graduation.

#4. Not Every Teacher Knows What They’re Teaching. When you’re a kid, you don’t realize that your teachers aren’t necessarily any wiser than the average person, and may in fact be undergoing medication for numerous mental illnesses.

#3. No One Gives a Crap About Your Crusades. Remember, most of what matters in here probably doesn’t matter out there. It’s a bubble where all of the priorities are upside-down — the contest for Prom King is huge, the kid getting terrorized by bullies means nothing.

#2. Pep Rallies Are Commercials. They’re not trying to get the team pumped up. They’re trying to get you pumped up, because the games need to make money.

#1. Nobody Has Any Clue What They’re Talking About. Everybody has an opinion, and never in my life have I heard people so eager to express those opinions than when I was in high school. Eventually, you find that the opinions you used to have weren’t actually your opinions at all, but rather a soupy puddle of other people’s regurgitated ideas that sounded cool at the time. It’s part of growing up.

A few years after graduation, it’ll all make sense. Maybe you can pass this article along to your own teenage relatives and watch them roll their eyes. Then you can sit back and watch the cycle start all over again with them.

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