Take A Look At Derrick Rose’s ‘Gmail Inbox’

Take A Look At Derrick Rose's 'Gmail Inbox'Derrick Rose has mail. Lots of mail, actually. More than Tom Hanks, even. Beyond the Buzzer tweeted a totally fake, but equally believable picture of what the Chicago Bulls superstar’s inbox looks like. Almost needless to say, this is absolutely amazing—just hysterical.

‘Highly insulting’

Coach Tom Thibodeau appears to he hassling Rose on a daily basis, asking him the same question we’ve all been asking him since March. Then there’s Robert Griffin III, broadcasting how well his recovery is going. He was nice enough ask Rose how he was faring as well, even though we all know there haven’t been any real updates for quite some time.

No Rose inbox would be complete, however, without an email from LeBron James, who reminds him that even if he played, the Miami Heat would still win. That’s highly insulting, albeit slightly reassuring.

‘Not a suitable address’

For those who still blame Coach Thibs for leaving Rose in the game too long last April when he tore his left ACL, you definitely want to turn your attention to the email from Adidas. Rose’s injury may have been inevitable, because from what we can see, their shoes cause “serious injury.” And here Rose has a lifetime contract with them. Yikes.

Marco Belinelli also hit Rose up. Not to ask him to play or discuss the ongoing severity of his recovery, but instead to discuss the nature of his enormous, er, marbles. That one was bound to make Rose laugh. And let’s face it, he could use a good chuckle.  Or maybe a pizza. He has to be exhausted from all that sitting rehabbing he’s been doing. Papa John’s was kind enough to remind Rose that “the bench” is not a suitable address, though.

Do you find this fake Gmail inbox funny? So, what do you think is up with Derrick Rose right now?

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

Image: Sports Pickle

Golden State Warriors To Debut New Uniforms With Sleeves!

Golden State Warriors To Debut New Uniforms With SleevesThat right there is a new jersey that Adidas has developed and that the Golden State Warriors will wear on Friday, Feb. 22, when they take on the San Antonio Spurs in a nationally televised game on ESPN. It has sleeves, which is different.

‘Growing trend’

As Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News tells it, Adidas reportedly first pitched the short-sleeved jerseys to the Warriors in August 2011 and hopes they’ll be a “growing trend” in uniforms and merchandising:

It’s being called the “adizero NBA short sleeve uniform system.” And Adidas boasts it as a revolutionary marriage between performance and aesthetics.

The uniforms are 26 percent lighter than their traditional counterparts, which Adidas said its research revealed was most important to players. They come with the ever-popular moisture-absorbing feature… The shorts — which have pinstripes inspired by the Bay Bridge — have been modernized, too. The stretch woven fabric, pricked with thousands of holes, make the bottoms as lightweight and airy as ever.

‘Uniformly positive’

From a player’s perspective, how the new jerseys and shorts feel on the court would seem to be of paramount importance; on that score, according to Thompson, representatives from Adidas (which had multiple several players test them out over the summer) and the Warriors (who’ve gone through full practices in the alternates) say the feedback’s been uniformly positive. For his part, jersey model Harrison Barnes said he’s “able to shoot and move” in them and that players will like the new unis once they “take […] a little it of time to get used to” them.

What do you think of the Warriors’ new jersey by Adidas? Like or Gripe? Share your thoughts on this uniform innovation via the comment box below!

Source: Dan Devine, Yahoo Sports

Image: Facebook