Are Men Bigger Liars Than Women?

The average dude fabricates something six times a day — that’s twice as often as women. Here are the most common whoppers men tell their girlfriends and wives — and what the real deal is behind each.

“I’m on My Way”
Guys usually throw you this line when you’re making them meet you at some event they don’t want to attend – like, say, your family reunion. Saying this and then showing up late is his way of gaining a wee amount of control. 

“Sorry, I Missed Your Call,” or “My Battery Died,” and “I Had No Signal”
These three lines all mean the same thing: I screened your call. Why? “Often men will feed you these lies because they’re afraid to tell you to back off a bit, that they need a little alone time,” John Amodeo, author of The Authentic Heart, says. You might want to ease up on the checking in and let him miss you more.

“No, Your Butt Doesn’t Look Big in That”
“Every guy has a buddy who’s told him, ‘I answered this question wrong once, and my girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with me for a year,’ ” Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy, says. This is the one safe response he knows, so there’s no way he’s going to risk the worst by straying from it.

“This Will Be My Last Beer”
Our experts say this man-lie delivered over the phone means he wants to get you off ASAP so he can spend more time with his buddies. The thing is, even if he says it three times in a night, each time he believes it, Goldsmith says. It’s like when you vow this will be your last cookie…five times in a row.

“Nothing’s Wrong, I’m Fine”
A whopping 52 percent of men have told their girlfriend this line. According to experts, this go-to fib is all about avoiding drama and protecting male pride. Next time he uses this line, give him a couple days and then ask him again if he is still bummed…and why. By then he may have figured things out.

Ladies, which of these lines have you heard most often from your guy? And for the guys: Which of these lies have you used most often? Tell us about it!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: The Frisky