Supreme Court Strikes Down Part Of Historic Voting Rights Law

Supreme Court Strikes Down Part Of Historic Voting Rights LawThe law passed at the height of America’s civil rights movement, when citizens in parts of the country were fighting each other and sometimes authorities over how skin color impacts a person’s place in a democracy. Now, it’s present and future are in doubt after the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision Tuesday that key parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are no longer valid.

‘Unfair barriers’

Tuesday’s ruling doesn’t change the fact it’s still illegal to discriminate against a person when it comes to voting. But it does change how some governments have been singled out. Unlike the rest of the nation, these municipalities, counties and states have had to get the federal government’s approval first before they made any changes to their voting laws and regulations.

Civil rights groups say the Voting Rights Act — specifically Section 5, the mechanism for the special treatment for some locales — has been an important tool in protecting minority voters from governments with a history of setting unfair barriers to the polls.

‘Equal voting process’

The law had been working in preventing “discriminatory voting changes,” Attorney General Eric Holder said. Specifically, he mentioned how it blocked Texas from adopting a new congressional redistricting map that would have “discriminated against Latino voters.” Holder also said the Voting Rights Act changed how South Carolina will implement a law requiring photo identification before being allowed to vote.

Obama characterized Tuesday’s ruling as a “setback,” even as he vowed his “administration will continue to do everything in its power to ensure a fair and equal voting process.”

This particular change in the Voting Rights Act — is it a good thing or a bad thing in general? Feel free to air out your comments below!

Source: Bill Mears and Greg Botelho | CNN

Image: Al-Rasub

Chael Sonnen Unleashes Major Rant Against LeBron James

Chael Sonnen Unleashes Major Rant Against LeBron JamesOne week ago, UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen appeared on The Jim Rome Show on the cable network Showtime. In this installment of the popular sports talk show, Sonnen gave his candid opinions on Miami Heat superstar and four-time MVP LeBron James.

I think LeBron’s a dork. He won one world championship, and that was in the Olympic Games. It’s so aggravating to hear a title be called a “world champion” when it’s only done in America…

‘Walked up to my fiancee’

When asked by Bleacher Report what prompted him to call LeBron James a dork, Sonnen said:

His name being brought up prompted it…

He asked the UFC for tickets for my fight against Anderson Silva. We sit the guy front row… and he refuses to sign any autographs or take any pictures unless your cup size was later in the alphabet than he was able to learn.

…This guy walked up to my fiancee backstage and asks her if there’s a Tic Tac in her blouse or if she was just happy to see him.

I had a UFC employee tell me he saw a mother wheel her handicapped child up to him to get a picture… LeBron took the wheelchair, wheeled it out of the way and kept walking…

‘No challenge’

B/R: You versus LeBron James at UFC 200. Who wins the fight, and how?

CS: He’d run away faster than his hairline. His hair went North, his talents went South, and his mother went West.

B/R: Will we see you challenge LeBron to a fight any time soon?

CS: No challenge. It’s happening. Next time I see him he will shake that little boy’s hand, even if I have to break his arm off and take it to the boy.

Between Chael Sonnen and LeBron James, which athlete will you choose? Is Sonnen’s total hate for James justified or not?

Source: Jeremy Botter | Bleacher Report

Image: Facebook