Gary Player At 77 To Pose Nude For ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’

Gary Player At 77 To Pose Nude For ESPN's 'Body Issue'PN The Magazine‘s annual “Body Issue” will once again ask athletes from a wide array of sports to drop their clothing in the name of fan appreciation. The fifth annual installment will also draw talent from several generations, as 77-year-old golfer Gary Player will take it all off for the magazine.

‘Bare it all’

As reports, 21 athletes will tear off their jerseys and uniforms for the special issue, which drops on July 12. The most notable name has to be Player, who CBS Sports notes will be the oldest to ever feature in this special edition of the magazine. For those uninitiated, the Body Issue asks sports stars to bare it all for fans curious to see the human form needed to compete at the highest of levels.

Fans uneasy about nudity need not worry, as controversial body parts are hidden behind well-placed hands, shadows or other creative measures.

‘Discarding embarrassment’

Player, a golfer well past his prime, comes to the issue to prove that fitness is not relegated to the young. He is a nine-time grand slam champion and has played professionally since 1953.

This particular issue has always been about creating buzz for a curious fanbase wanting to take a peek under all that sports apparel. More importantly, it gives fans an idea of the shape, size and form of athletes who have carved their bodies with the chisel of countless hours of hard work. Player is most definitely among them, discarding embarrassment much like athletes who have decades of youth on their side.

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Source: Gabe Zaldivar | Bleacher Report

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Should Being Gay Be A Big Deal In Sports?

Should Being Gay Be A Big Deal In SportsDo you find it odd that in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, there are no openly gay athletes? Well, we shouldn’t find that odd because in every professional sports league, each player is pushed to sacrifice personal goals in order to succeed in the game. And “personal goals” would include personal happiness and the right to come out with who they are. But should it matter if a player is gay or not?

‘No openly gay players allowed’

In today’s world, the fans, media, and even the league players themselves have set a boundary for athletes: No openly gay players allowed. Is it right that in order to be successful in sports, one has to hide his or her true identity from the world? That in order to function well in a team, one has to strive to ignore his or her own personality and give in to the boundary set by others? Can’t we just accept a person for who he or she really is?

Does being gay affect the way a person plays sports? Does it reduce his skills in the court? Does a person’s sexuality define who he or she is as a player and as a human being?

‘Grow up’

Yes, having a gay player in a team can definitely bring in extra and unwanted attention from the media and the general public, or even from his teammates. But if one player comes out, will this event suddenly destroy the credibility, fun, and business in that sport? To think that there are a bunch of evil happenings leading to the real collapse of reputations — sexual harrassment cases, profanities, DUIs, and all those stuff.

If only people would stop criticizing a player’s skills and achievements just because he is gay. If only fans would focus on his numbers on the game instead of the person he is currently dating. We all know that at the end of the day, he is just like you and me — a person who will strive his hardest to win Sunday’s game because he’d get the boot if he underperformed. And that does not have anything to do with his sexuality. See what I mean?

For many years already, the world has been functioning with lots of gay people out in the open. Millions of people go to work everyday with gay colleagues. And for them, it doesn’t matter if they are gay. Just that they are doing their job well. Let’s all grow up and be mature about it.

Do you think openly gay players in major sports leagues will be a distraction or not? Feel free to share your feedback with us!

Image: National Post