German Mother Gives Birth To 13-Pound Baby

German Mother Gives Birth To 13-Pound BabyOne of the heaviest babies ever born in Germany was born last week at the University Hospital Leipzig.

‘Possible complications’

The baby girl, Jasleen, weighed a whopping 13.47 pounds and measured nearly 23 inches long. She was born vaginally, not via a C-section, according to a hospital statement.

“We anticipated that the child would be big,” said Holger Stepan, chief of obstetrics. “We prepared in advance by assembling a special team (of doctors and midwives) to be ready for any possible complications.”

He said he’d never before helped in the birth of such a heavy baby.

‘Gestational diabetes’

The girl’s mother suffered from gestational diabetes, which, when untreated or uncontrolled, can cause babies to be born larger than normal. Her condition was not discovered until the mother checked herself into the hospital while in labor. She had not previously been a patient there.

The hospital said both mother and child are well.

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Source: Dana Ford | CNN

Image: Library of Most Controversial Files

Baby Grabs Doctor’s Finger While Inside Mother’s Womb

Baby Grabs Doctor's Finger While Inside Mother's WombWhen Alicia Atkins of Glendale, Ariz., was undergoing a routine C-section in October, something extraordinary happened. Atkins’s baby girl – still inside her mother’s womb – reached up and grabbed her OBGYN’s finger.

‘Capture the special moment’

Realizing how special the moment was, Dr. Allen Sawyer, who has also delivered Atkins’s other two children, called to her husband Randy to grab the camera. In a split second, he was able to capture the special moment just in time.

‘Miracle children’

Atkins is actually a professional photographer herself and owns her own business called A Classic Pin-Up Photography.  She shared the remarkable photo on her business’ Facebook page the day after Christmas, and it has since gone viral, having been shared more than 2,000 times.  Atkins said she did not expect how popular the photo would become.

Atkins and her husband have named their new baby girl Neveah, which is ‘Heaven’ spelled backwards.  On her Facebook page, Atkins describes all of her kids as “miracle children.”

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Source: Fox News

Image: Main Line Media News