Colin Kaepernick Clocks 87-MPH 1st Pitch

Colin Kaepernick Clocks 87-MPH 1st PitchSan Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was at AT&T Park on Friday to throw out the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants’ contest against the Miami Marlins. On almost all occasions, an athlete throwing out a first pitch (and doing so well) wouldn’t be newsworthy.

‘Not wearing any gear’

Colin Kaepernick isn’t most athletes. Winding up with a cool, collected motion that has to be familiar to 49ers fans, Kaepernick tossed in one of the fastest first pitches you’ll ever see. According to the 49ers’ Twitter page and Kaepernick, the 25-year-old signal-caller’s throw came in at a whopping 87 miles per hour. Sergio Romo, not wearing any gear at the time, was the recipient of the toss.

‘Never really looked back’

For those who have followed Kaepernick’s journey to the top of the 49ers’ depth chart, seeing him toss a heater isn’t a surprise. The NFC champion quarterback, who spent his collegiate days under center at Nevada, was actually more highly touted as a baseball prospect in high school than he was as a football prospect.

Instead of sticking with baseball, though, Kaepernick went to Nevada, and the rest is history. Following his dream led him to become one of the most decorated quarterbacks in that school’s history and eventually took him all the way to Super Bowl XLVII as San Francisco’s starting quarterback. In fact, it is now quite clear that Kaepernick never really looked back after giving up baseball.

What can you say about Colin Kaepernick’s 87-mph first pitch? Impressive or not?

Source: Tyler Conway | Bleacher Report

Image: SB Nation

Jay-Z To Sell His Shares Of Brooklyn Nets

Jay-Z To Sell His Shares Of Brooklyn NetsThe era of Jay-Z as a Nets owner may be over as he prepares to take his sports-agency business well into the NBA, a move that would mandate that the rap mogul relinquish his minority stake in the Brooklyn franchise.

‘Jay-Z empire’

The news was expected after Jay-Z launched his Roc Nation Sports enterprise with the signing of Yankees star second baseman Robinson Cano earlier this month. At that time, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported the entry into the baseball world would be just the first step for what is hoped to be another successful endeavor for the Jay-Z empire.

The only sticking point for NBA agency certification would be the less-than-one-percent share he owns of the Brooklyn Nets. As Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski points out, “no one individual affiliated with a player representation company can have an ownership stake with an NBA team.”

‘Predominant face of ownership’

While the share might be a small piece of the overall franchise, Jay-Z was always seen as the predominant face of ownership, one that encouraged fans and players to gravitate to the team as it opened a new arena in a new state.

In a way, that is how things are shaping up at Roc Nation Sports; Jay-Z will be far more a name than a hands-on agent. As with Rovell’s report, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)—an agency that has handled $1.1 billion worth of negotiations—will be front and center in new deals.

Is selling his Brooklyn Nets shares a good move for Jay-Z? Do you think he will succeed in his next business endeavor as an NBA agent?

Source: Gabe Zaldivar, Bleacher Report

Image: Sports Illustrated