Brazil Hit By Widespread Protests

Brazil Hit By Widespread ProtestsAs many as 200,000 people have marched through the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities, as protests over rising public transport costs and the expense of staging the 2014 World Cup have spread.

‘Largest seen in Brazil’

The biggest protests were in Rio de Janeiro, where stone-throwing youths clashed with police, and in Sao Paulo. In the capital, Brasilia, people breached security at the National Congress building and scaled its roof. The protests are the largest seen in Brazil for more than 20 years.

The trigger was a 2 June increase in the price of a single bus fare in Sao Paulo from 3 reals ($1.40, £0.90) to 3.20. Authorities said the rise was well below inflation, which since the last price increase in January 2011 has been 15.5%, according to official figures.

‘Nepotism and corruption’

In the country soon due to host the World Cup and Olympics, many are now complaining that vast sums of money are being wasted instead of used for health and education, says the BBC’s Gary Duffy in Sao Paulo. Political leaders have also been accused of nepotism and corruption.

Protests were reported in as many as 11 cities on Monday. The demonstrations were relatively peaceful, though some of the 100,000 people estimated to have taken to the streets in Rio de Janeiro threw rocks at police, wounding five officers, set fire to a car and vandalised the state assembly building, starting a small blaze. The police reportedly used tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse them.

How long do you think will this string of widespread protests last? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion about this most recent financial issue!

Source: BBC News

Image: Financial Times

London Soldier Killed In Cleaver Attack Named

London Soldier Killed In Cleaver Attack NamedThe soldier killed in an attack in London has been named as Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Drummer Rigby, 25, from Manchester, leaves behind a two-year-old son.

‘Loving father’

Two suspects shot by police after Wednesday’s attack in Woolwich remain under arrest. A further two people have been arrested on conspiracy to murder. The suspects, one of whom is said to be Islamist protester Michael Adebolajo, were known to security services. Scotland Yard said the latest arrests were of a man and woman, both aged 29.

Drummer Rigby, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, joined the Army in 2006. He was described as a “loving father to his son Jack” and someone who would be “sorely missed by all who knew him”.

‘Experienced and talented’

Drummer Rigby had taken up a post with the Regimental Recruiting Team in London in 2011.

“An experienced and talented side drummer and machine gunner, he was a true warrior and served with distinction in Afghanistan, Germany and Cyprus,” said his commanding officer Lt Col Jim Taylor… His ability, talent and personality made him a natural choice to work in the recruiting group.”

Shortly after the killing, a man, thought to be 28-year-old Mr Adebolajo, was filmed by a passer-by, saying he carried out the attack because British soldiers killed Muslims every day. According to BBC sources, Mr Adebolajo, a Briton of Nigerian descent, comes from a devout Christian family but took up Islam after leaving college in 2001.

Was the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby a terrorist act? What could have been the reason for this senseless violence?

Source: BBC News

Image: The Sun