Brooklyn Nets Debuts New ‘BrooklyKnight’ Mascot

Brooklyn Nets Debuts New 'BrooklyKnight' MascotIf there one word that can be associated with the Brooklyn Nets, it’s “cool.” The black and white uniforms, Jay-Z and Brooklyn itself all scream “hip.” Well, it looks like the Nets might have just lost some of their cool credibility. On Saturday the team unveiled the NBA’s first superhero mascot, a masked marvel named “BrooklyKnight.”

‘Ruler of Barclays Center’

A press release deemed BrooklyKnight the “protector of Brooklyn’s hometown team, defender of New York’s largest and most courageous borough, and ruler of Barclays Center.” The Nets also worked with Marvel on a new comic book, BrooklyKnight #1, which chronicles the exploits of Brooklyn’s mascot.

‘Upgrade from Sly the Fox’

While some, like Nets center and comic book enthusiast Brook Lopez may have been impressed with BrooklyKnight, others were left shaking their heads. Will Leitch of New York Magazine called the mascot “a walking nightmare” and “irredeemably lame.” In Brooklyn’s defense, anything is an upgrade from Sly the Fox.

Do you think the Brooklyn  Nets’ new “BrooklyKnight” mascot is cool or a major flop? Would you prefer Sly the Fox to retain the role of the Nets’ official mascot? Feel free to share your comments and opinions with us through the comment box below!

Source: Yahoo Sports

Image: Nets Daily

Beyonce and Jay-Z Welcome Baby Blue Ivy

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are now Mom and Dad!  The singer, whose pregnancy was closely watched and the subject of various rumors, gave birth to a baby girl in New York on Saturday, according to her hometown paper. Mom and baby are doing fine, the Houston Chronicle reports. Sources tell E! News the little girl’s name is Blue Ivy Carter.

Apparently, she’s a looker. “The most beautiful girl in the world,” Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, Tweeted Sunday morning.  Friends of the superstar couple also used Twitter to offer public messages of congratulations. Russell Simmons also acknowledged the new parents on Twitter: “congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z,” he said.

Beyoncé, 30, checked into Lenox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side on Friday, more than a month before her previously stated due date in February.  On Thursday, the singer was photographed out in the city covering her baby bump with a black blazer and a flowing scarf.  Despite buzz that the singer had given birth to a baby girl over New Year’s weekend, Jay-Z and an “enormously pregnant” Beyoncé were spotted enjoying a dinner on Dec. 31 at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The first-time mom announced she was expecting at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.


Source: People

Image: Desi Club