College Player Shares Prize Money With Random Kids

College Player Shares Prize Money With Random KidsAntone Exum could have spent his $470 Best Buy gift certificate on anything he wanted. He and his Virginia Tech teammates were given the gift certificates as part of their prize packages for playing in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, and for a college student at Best Buy, there is certainly no shortage of options.

‘What he didn’t get’

But it’s not what Exum got for himself that has made headlines. It’s what he didn’t get that has turned into one of the best stories of the holiday season. The junior cornerback noticed three boys playing PlayStation 3 in the store, and he decided the money would be better spent on them.

“I think I was blessed to have a lot of fortunate Christmases when I was a kid, so I hope that every little kid deserves to have a perfect Christmas,” Exum told the Orlando Sentinel.

‘I won’t forget those smiles’

Naturally, the youngsters were thrilled. The boys got a PlayStation 3, a BlackBerry, and with the help of Exum’s teammates Tariq Edwards and Marcus Davis — who chipped in some of their gift cards as well — the boys bought a few games for their new console.

“I know it was a Christmas that I won’t forget,” Exum said. “Because I won’t forget those smiles and the excitement on their faces when I told them they could get whatever they wanted in the store.”

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Source: The Post Game

Image: NBC Sports

Nokia Unveils 41 Megapixel Camera Phone

Mobile phone giant Nokia on Monday unveiled a phone with a powerful 41 Megapixel camera as it attempts to reposition itself back at the forefront of the mobile market.

The phone is among a dazzling array of new gadgets unveiled so far at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, an annual event that showcases the industry’s latest innovations. Among them is a Chinese phone that claims to be the world’s fastest and another that carries an in-built projector.

The unrivaled camera capabilities of Nokia’s 808 PureView, which runs the company’s Symbian operating system, caused ripples of surprise among Congress delegates who predicted few surprises thanks to pre-event leaks and rumors. The 41 Megapixels put the phone in the same league — in terms of photo resolution — as professional cameras costing thousands of dollars. Reportedly priced at €450 ($600), the device is due to be released in May, with the camera technology likely to be carried over to other Nokia phones.

Nokia, which in recent years has seen its dominance of the global mobile market eroded by manufacturers such as Apple and BlackBerry, also launched a lower-cost version of its flagship Lumia phone range. The Nokia 610, priced at €189, runs on the mobile version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.

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Image: Pocket-lint