Jerramy Stevens Arrested For Domestic Assault On Supposed Wedding Day With Hope Solo

Jerramy Stevens Arrested For Domestic Assault On Supposed Wedding Day With Hope SoloBefore you read what you’re about to read, keep in mind that former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens and American soccer star Hope Solo were planning to get married today, and according to one report, they still intend to do so. Reports first came out on Tuesday afternoon from Chris Daniels of Seattle TV station KING-5, indicating that Stevens, who played in the NFL from 2002 through 2010, was arrested and charged.

‘Laceration on her elbow’

A few minutes after those reports, Daniels then said that a judge in Kirkland, Wa. court found no probable cause to hold Stevens, and he was released. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Marcus Solo was the one who called Kirkland police, and when police came to the scene, he had blood on his forehead and knees, and a bruised eye. Hope solo then emerged from the house, intoxicated and with a laceration on her elbow. She did not cooperate with police and told her brother not to say anything.

‘Fourth-degree assault’

When police swept the house, they found eight intoxicated people, a woman in the kitchen with a hip injury, and Stevens on the floor of an upstairs bedroom, claiming that he was sleeping, not hiding. Stevens had blood on his cheek and his shirt. He admitted that he had been arguing with Solo, and since police have to make an arrest when there is a domestic violence call, Stevens was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault.

We’re not sure how YOUR wedding day went, but it probably (hopefully) didn’t look anything like this. Stevens was out of the NFL after the 2010 season, but trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. In that sense, Tuesday’s bit of insanity came as no surprise.

Do you think Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens will have a “happily ever after” despite this domestic call? If you were in her shoes, what will you do?

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Mitt Romney: Why Won’t Plane Windows Roll Down?

In his latest gaffe, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lamented the fact that airplane windows don’t roll down.

Romney’s wife Ann’s plane had to make an emergency landing Friday (Sept. 21) because of an electrical malfunction. Discussing the incident at a fundraiser the next day, he said: “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open…”

Here’s why they don’t do that: Gravity tends to keep air molecules concentrated near the ground, so the atmosphere thins out as you go up. The air becomes so thin at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) or so that airplane cabins must be pressurized above that altitude to prevent occupants from suffering from hypoxia, or lack of oxygen. Because temperature and pressure go hand-in-hand (i.e. low-pressure air feels cold), pressurization is also necessary to keep cabins sufficiently warm.

At 35,000 ft. (11,000 m), the typical altitude of a commercial jet, the air pressure drops to less than a quarter of its value at sea level, and the outside temperature drops below negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 51 degrees Celsius), according to The Engineering Toolbox. Exposed to such conditions, you would quickly die.

Update: Romney was joking. The New York Times’ Ashley Parker, who wrote the original report about the Beverly Hills fundraiser that quickly got spread around the Web, told New York Magazine today that Romney had been joking. Parker said that while her report didn’t explicitly indicate Romney was joking, “it was clear from the context” that he was. 

So, Romney was joking after all about wanting to have plane windows that roll down. Still, we gotta ask… Do you think he really WAS joking about it? Are you going to vote for him this November?

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