How to Catch Someone Lying

Everybody lies. We asked body-language expert Patti Wood to help us spot hidden clues that serve as red flags. That way you’ll know if what you’re being told is a lie, or if you’re just a paranoid wacko with trust issues.

“Your central nervous system acts like a human lie detector,” Woods explains. “So when you think someone is lying to you, it reacts with a stress response.” Problem is, it’s not always on target. It works better with people you know because you already have an idea of how they act when they’re not lying.

Most liars practice their stories from beginning to end, so asking them to convey information out of sequence can trip them up. So if your idiot buddy starts to tell a long story about why he was so late meeting you at the bar, interrupt him with questions rather than letting him tell the story from beginning to end.

Hands in pockets, head pointed toward the floor, and shoulders slouched are all good indications that a person isn’t being forthcoming. If you question a part of a person’s story and react strangely — she Hulks up and gets angry, or laughs a little too hard, or begins to fidget with her hair — she may be trying to mislead you.

Just because someone touches his nose or mouth, or blinks excessively, doesn’t mean he’s lying. If you notice it from the start of the conversation, don’t pay attention to it. But since stress can trigger nerves around the nose, eyes, or lips, if the tics begin right when you think the lying begins, you might be onto something.

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Unknown Special Mental Abilities of Cats

Dogs and cats are known for having very perceptive and intuitive feelings. It seems as though many pets have special powers that we are not aware of. Cats do seem to have extra sensory perceptions or ESP. They have very perceptive minds and are smarter and more intuitive than they let on to be.

When relocating from New York to California, a family had to leave their precious pet behind. They felt it to be less stressful for their cat by finding it a new home rather than travel several hours in the car. Several months later in California a cat shows up on their doorstep, the friend they left behind. It is amazing that the animal traveled by foot all those miles to find its family.

Another wonderful story came from the Wisconsin area of a cat that had been rescued by a woman and her son from a local shelter. This rescue was a beautiful long-haired 21 pound cat. His new momma who rescued him had been a diabetic since she was a child. That first evening after going to bed, the pet owner went into a diabetic seizure and the cat sat on her chest, swatting at her face and nipping at her nose until she woke up briefly in order to call 911.  Without her cat’s intervention, the situation could have been tragic.

It may not always be easy to understand what your cat is thinking or feeling, but your pet is more connected to you than you know. Your pets are very special creatures and you should be in tune with your animal, as you pay close attention to his behavior and body language since your cat just might be trying to tell you something.

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