What Have We Become?

What Have We BecomeIn the wake of the senseless shooting of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane, people are now forced to contemplate this generation’s capacity for violence.

‘Violent generation’

The three Oklahoma teenagers who killed Lane admitted to the police that they shot Lane out of boredom. The darkness of the soul of those cold-blooded youngsters that killed a promising athlete is indeed unfathomable. What have we now become — a violent generation?

Right now, we live in a world that worships violence. Just take a look at the most popular movies, the scream-your-lungs-out songs, and even the most “exciting” video games that we play. The more we expose ourselves and our kids to these sources of violence, the more they become insensitive to the value of life, and the easier they find it to pull the trigger and end a person’s life.


Where are the parents of those three Oklahoma teenagers charged with the murder of Christopher Lane? Where are the parents of other lost children who spend most of their waking time in front of violent video games and fantasize about shooting someone in real life instead of just inside the realms of a game? What sort of values are ingrained in the minds and heart of these kids? Or most importantly, are there still ANY values being taught to them?

The parents of today’s generation put so much responsibility of child rearing on the shoulders of the government, babysitters, and teachers that most of them fail to perform their own responsibilities well. We have become lost in being so liberated that we have forgotten to teach our kids to fear God and bestow love upon mankind. Many have already turned their back on God and lost track of what is right and what is wrong. Now, look where this so-called “liberation” has gotten us.

Can all the violence and hate still be undone? Do you still teach your kids about morality and fear in God? Are we at fault for all the senseless crimes that abound?

Image: The Christian Science Monitor

Can Happiness Be Bought?

Can Happiness Be BoughtWe all have different reasons for working. Some work just to make ends meet, others do to meet family expectations, some work extra hard to have a leisurely life later on, while some just do it our of boredom. Regardless of the reason, many people are either discontented or unhappy with their lives. There are even some who are already filthy rich and yet still scramble to fill an invisible void in their heart. Could it be possible to buy happiness using your hard-earned money?

‘Treasured experience’

Well, it depends on your definition of happiness. There are those who think they can be happy with material possessions — clothes, shoes, cars, houses, and gadgets. There are those who define happiness as the state where they have enough to get by everyday. Then there are those who perceive happiness with happy experiences — weekend getaway with family, week-long vacation with a loved one, or a once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline-rush activity with your most treasured friends.

Experiences. I think these things are the ones that have the closest grasp of what happiness really is. May it be a low-key family dinner or an over-the-top cruise, a treasured experience can bring more happiness and fond memories than the latest state-of-the-art smartphone or the most expensive pair of shoes that you can afford.

‘Transcend time and age’

When we define happiness with experiences instead of just material things, our memories become more meaningful and we become less superficial. Yes, stuff can make us happy — for a while, that is. But when the novelty of your new car wears off, you find yourself wanting another one. But when we dwell on the fond memories that we created with our loved ones — a romantic dinner, a cuddle-time with your dog, a trip to the playground with your kids, or an enjoyable beach escapade with friends — we find out that these memories are lasting. They transcend time and age. They create butterflies in your stomach. They make your heart flutter. They make you nostalgic. They make you more human.

So, can you really buy happiness? Yes, depending on what really makes you happy. So, be careful how you spend your money to buy happiness. Spend it on things that matter most.

What is happiness for you? Share your happiest experiences with us!

Image: Luxist