Rebecca Quits Tennis Over Cyberbullying

Rebecca Quits Tennis Over CyberbullyingRebecca Marino is a 22-year-old Canadian tennis player who has been ranked as high as 38th in the world in women’s professional tennis. Marino has a 150-107 record in her WTA career, with no wins and one runner-up back in 2011. This week, Marino announced that she would be retiring from professional tennis because she was struggling with all the online abuse she was getting from “fans” that berated her on social media.

‘Battling depression’

Marino admitted during a conference call this week announcing her retirement that she has been battling depression for over six years and all the negative energy from the social media outlets just pushed her into a darker place instead of improving her outlook on life.

Basically Marino admitted that tennis wasn’t fun for her anymore, and there is no point to continue something, even at such a high level, if it isn’t fun.

‘Change for the better’

I feel for people like Marino. Anyone in any public position is going to get flak from random people on the Internet (heck, even us writers get hundreds of comments on certain stories calling us out for being “idiots”) and while some people can just brush it off, there is a large group of people that see that stuff and have a hard time looking past it. Imagine if you just lost some big match and the first thing you see is people scolding you and telling you to die? That wouldn’t exactly be the warming blanket you were hoping for.

Marino is making a life change for the better, and whatever she decides to do I hope it makes her life easier and less stressful and maybe she will find that love for tennis again somewhere down the road.

Have you ever been bullied? Tell us how you fought back or stood for yourself amid all the bullying you’ve experienced!

Source: Shane Bacon, Yahoo Sports

Image: Bleacher Report

Alleged ‘Canadian Psycho’ Killer Arrested In Berlin

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the porn actor who Canadian authorities say sent the dismembered body parts of a student to Canadian politicians, has been captured in Berlin, police there said.

Magnotta was arrested in an Internet cafe on Monday, according to Germany’s Bild newspaper. German police spokesperson Stefan Rieldich said someone at the cafe recognized Magnotta and called authorities, who took him into custody without incident.

The international manhunt for Magnotta began last week, after police say the so-called “Canadian Psycho” fled to Paris. Authorities had tracked Magnotta to France through his cellphone. Witnesses then spotted him on a bus to Berlin.

Magnotta, 29, faces first-degree murder charges in Canada in connection with the killing of Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from China. He is also accused of videotaping the gruesome murder and posting it online. Magnotta allegedly mailed Lin’s severed body parts to Ottawa police and politicians, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who received a severed foot. Authorities searched Magnotta’s Montreal apartment, where they found a torso stuffed in a suitcase. Not all of the body parts have been recovered.

Magnotta promoted himself as a gay porn star. According to Interpol, he used several aliases, including Eric Newman and Vladimir Romanov.

How do you feel about the crime that Magnotta allegedly committed? Do you think he is really a psycho?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: The Sun