The Right Way Of Complimenting Your Guy

Everyone loves a good compliment — even men. With the help of two degreed relationship experts, we’ve come up with a solid list of do’s and don’ts to remember when sending some flattery a man’s way:

DON’T be impressed by his job, but DO notice how well he does it

While you might think drooling over his job title or salary is a great way to make a man feel worthwhile, letting him know that you’re a fan of how well he does at his chosen profession is a better way of showing interest in his career.

DON’T say that you like his shirt; DO say how handsome he looks wearing it

“‘That’s a great shirt’ says nothing about how the person making the compliment feels. ‘I like how handsome you look in that shirt/suit/uniform,’ on the other hand, makes the compliment more personal and meaningful.” And remember, complimenting him when he is wearing something you love is the first step in getting him to toss those not-so-nice clothes you hate.

DO tell him when you like his friends

Let him know that you see what makes these friendships important to him. And remember to compliment him in front of his friends, because it will emphasize the fact that you only have eyes for him. Plus, it’ll give those buddies of his plenty of reasons to wish they had a partner like you.

DO praise his manners

Say, ‘When you pulled out the chair for me at dinner, I felt really special. Thank you.” Before you know it, he’ll be opening doors for you left and right. But all joking aside, you’ll make him feel like a debonair gentleman, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… right, ladies?

Do you know of other effective ways to compliment your guy? Share your ideas and experience with us!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: She Knows