Manti Te’o Improves 40 Time At Notre Dame Pro Day

Manti Te'o Improves 40 Time At Notre Dame Pro DayManti Te’o certainly didn’t hurt his draft stock at his pro day at Notre Dame on Tuesday, March 26. The inside linebacker ran faster in the 40-yard dash at South Bend than he did in Indianapolis, according to multiple reports.

‘5th fastest among ILBs’

According to ESPN’s Matt Fortuna, Notre Dame says he ran faster:

“#NotreDame says Manti Te’o ran a 4.69 40 today, which would’ve been 5th-fastest among ILBs at combine and 9th among all LBs at combine.”

It’s worth noting that Vaugh McClure of the Chicago Tribune reported, “an official timer was not in attendance,” on Tuesday. Hand times are typically a bit faster than the electronic “official” times at the combine, and Te’o’s time on Tuesday didn’t change the fact that he’s not an explosive athlete. That doesn’t mean he’s not a first-round linebacker prospect, but it does mean his draft stock won’t skyrocket after his pro day.

‘Ran a little better’

After his workout concluded, Te’o spoke with members of the media, including McClure:

“I felt good. I’m at home now,” Te’o said. “I was very pleased with how I performed.” A Notre Dame official said the consesus among scouts was that Te’o ran “a little better” than at the combine. “I just expected me to run faster than I did at the combine,” Te’o said. “That’s exactly what I did.”

Te’o is a first-round linebacker, but he won’t likely be drafted until the mid-20s. His pro day showed us the same level of explosiveness and athleticism we’ve seen since the scouting process began. He isn’t an elite athlete, but he is a highly talented player who will be drafted in the first round on April 25, 2013.

Do you think Manti Te’o’s pro day performance improved his draft stock? Did he really run faster here than in Indianapolis?

Source: Jesse Reed, Bleacher Report

Image: CBS Sports

Brandon Marshall: Some NFL Players Use Viagra On The Field

Brandon Marshall Some NFL Players Use Viagra On The FieldSay you’re an NFL player getting on in your career. You remember the days when you could plunge through the line 20, 30 times a game, post a dozen tackles, go all four quarters and overtime too. But now you don’t have the zip you used to. It happens to a lot of players. But all hope is not lost. If you believe Chicago’s Brandon Marshall, some players have found a way to keep that pep in their in-game step: a certain little blue pill.

‘Some crazy stuff’

During Wednesday’s Bears media availability, Marshall was asked about Adderall, the stimulant now coming under the league’s scrutiny. As Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune notes, he took the conversation in a whole new direction:

“I don’t know too much about Adderall,” he said. “I know guys, it is such a competitive league, guys try anything just to get that edge… I’ve heard of some crazy stories. I’ve heard [of] guys using like Viagra, seriously. Because the blood is supposedly thin, some crazy stuff…”

‘Gain every possible edge’

Yeah, and we have to be careful what we say here as well. To start, though … Viagra? Seriously? VIAGRA ON THE FIELD? We’ll just make two points. In theory, it’s possible to see how Viagra could get your blood all fired up, at least for tackling somebody. And in practice, it doesn’t seem like it’d be very difficult to see who’s using it, if you get our drift.

All joking aside, for a moment, Viagra’s benefits aren’t just limited to the bedroom; athletes have found that it assists in blood flow, which helps in getting oxygen around the body faster and aids in endurance. It’s been used in cycling (at this point, what drug hasn’t?) as riders try to gain every possible edge.

Do you believe these things that Brandon Marshall is saying? Which NFL players do you think could be using Viagra on the field?

Source: Yahoo Sports

Image: Bleacher Report