Student ‘Forgotten’ In DEA Cell Receives $4.1M Settlement

Student 'Forgotten' In DEA Cell Receives $4.1M SettlementA University of California San Diego student left unmonitored in a holding cell for five days by the Drug Enforcement Administration has settled a lawsuit for $4.1 million, his attorney said.

‘No one responded’

Daniel Chong, 25, drank his own urine to survive and even wrote a farewell note to his mother before authorities discovered him severely dehydrated after a 2012 drug raid in San Diego. He was held in a 5-by-10-foot cell with no windows but a peephole through the door. There was no toilet, only a metal bench on which he stood in a futile attempt to set off the sprinkler system with his cuffed hands, Chongtold CNN affiliate KSWB. He kicked the door and yelled, anything to get someone’s attention, the station reported.

One matter still unclear is why no one heard him. Chong told the San Diego Union-Tribune last year that he heard footsteps, muffled voices and the opening and closing of cell doors, even from the cell adjacent to his. Yet no one responded to the ruckus coming from inside his cell.

‘Sorry Mom’

Chong was detained on the morning of April 21, 2012, when DEA agents raided a house they suspected was being used to distribute MDMA, commonly known as “ecstasy.” Upon his release, Mr. Chong told CNN affiliate KNSD that he was visiting a friend and knew nothing about the presence of drugs and guns. He was never formally arrested or charged, the DEA said.

While detained, Chong had given up and accepted death, using a shard of glass from his glasses to carve “Sorry Mom” onto his arm as a farewell message, Yoo said. Chong lost 15 pounds and suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, she said. Since the incident, Chong has returned to complete his undergraduate degree at UC San Diego.

Why do you think Daniel Chong was left unmonitored for five days in that holding cell? Do you think the $4.1 million settlement is enough to compensate for that?

Source: Stan Wilson | CNN

Image: Telegraph

Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed In Accident

A man trying to create a Bigfoot hoax on a highway died after being hit by two cars, officials in Montana said.

Randy Lee Tenley dressed in a Ghillie suit — camouflage designed to resemble heavy foliage — and stepped out onto Highway 93 Sunday night, officials said.

“He probably would not have been very easy to see at all,” said Jim Schneider, a state trooper. This was evident in the series of accidents that hit him afterwards. A 15-year-old girl hit him with her car, another car swerved, and a third car driven by a 17-year-old ran him over, CNN affiliate KECI reported.

Tenley was “well into the driving lane,” and according to his companions he was “attempting to incite a sighting of Bigfoot — to make people think they had seen a Sasquatch,” Schneider said in the KECI report. But authorities received no calls from drivers thinking they had seen Bigfoot, the station reported.

This is one example of a prank gone really bad! But do you think Randy Lee Tenley would have succeeded in his Bigfoot hoax had he not been run down by two cars? Do you think Bigfoot really exists? Feel free to type in your comments and opinions in the comment box below!

Source: CNN

Image: The Morning Starr