JaMarcus Russell Starting To Draw Interest From NFL Teams

JaMarcus Russell Starting To Draw Interest From NFL TeamsFormer Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell’s journey back to the gridiron hasn’t culminated in him landing an NFL contract, but the former top pick is reportedly closer than ever to finishing his comeback. According to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, Russell has drawn “significant” interest from multiple teams across the league.

‘Major signs of progress’

Though teams have known for months that Russell, the Raiders’ No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft, is interested in making a comeback, they are reportedly starting to take his efforts more seriously after major signs of progress. According to Rapoport, Russell has lost 50 pounds since beginning his comeback attempt and is down to 265 pounds—what he weighed at the combine six years ago.

Now 27 years old, Russell has been out of football since being cut by Oakland in May of 2010, following three disappointing seasons with the club. Thought to be the Raiders’ next franchise quarterback, Russell started only 25 games with the club, compiling a 7-18 record, and he became known across the league as a talented yet frustrating player.

‘Massive promise’

Three years later, though, Russell has embarked on a journey to fulfill his massive promise. He’s been working out at the TEST Football Academy in San Diego and honing his skills as a quarterback with former Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia.

With Russell back down to playing weight and looking strong in throwing sessions, the interest around the league is understandable. Rapoport noted that Russell’s ideal situation is sitting behind a veteran NFL quarterback to learn and get reacclimated to the game and that he’s willing to try the CFL if NFL teams fail to extend a formal offer.

Do you think JaMarcus Russell will get a great offer from the NFL teams that are interested in him? Which team will he likely join?

Source: Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report

Image: Colts

Phil Jackson: Leave Derrick Rose Alone

Phil Jackson Leave Derrick Rose AloneIt seems everyone has an opinion on Derrick Rose’s missed 2012-13 season, and legendary coach Phil Jackson is the latest to add his two cents into the mix. According to the staff of ESPN Chicago, Jackson appeared on the Mike & Mike in the Morning show on Wednesday and briefly spoke about the Chicago Bulls superstar:

‘Under duress’

Leave him alone. This is a guy who hopefully … still has another 10 years to play. Let’s not put him in under duress that may not be the right time.

He needs to have a training camp and go through the process of gearing up for another season the right way.


It was more than a year since D-Rose initially tore his ACL in the first game of Chicago’s ill-fated 2012 playoff run, but the point guard refused to come back earlier than he was comfortable with. Some strongly felt that because the 2011 NBA MVP was cleared to play by team doctors back in early March, he was being selfish by not putting on a uniform.

Rose left the door open for a possible return until the bitter end. Speculation ran rampant because he declined to officially rule himself out, and insider sources alleged that he contemplated a comeback before opting against it.

The only thing left for Rose to do is block out the noise, concentrate on getting up to 100 percent for the 2013-14 season tip and try his hardest to win another MVP trophy.

Why do you think Derrick Rose is still not playing until now? Should he have returned to the NBA earlier?

Source: Alex Kay, Bleacher Report

Image: NBC Chicago