Is Texting An Adequate Substitute For Talking?

Is Texting An Adequate Substitute For TalkingI get it. We are living in a modern world with advanced technology, complicated gadgets, and bizarre communication techniques. This is a world where conversations are often conducted in front of the computer screen, where dates can be done online, where emoticons are deemed sufficient as expressions, where people can say more when texting rather than in person. But is texting an adequate substitute for a face-to-face talk?


We have heard of marriage proposals over Twitter, asking out a prospective date through YouTube, and even informing about a divorce decision via text message. Whether it be a good or bad news that you are delivering, can an obscure gadget cushion the blow of that news? Can it dull the ache of a breakup? Does it make a joyous birthday greeting less lively? Does it make an “I love you” more impersonal?

I do not have the answer to all these questions. But I can give my opinion about it. Opinions, rather. Lots of it.

‘Human touch’

I do know that I would love to look into the eyes of my beloved while hearing the words “I love you.” I would love tohug my son first thing in the morning to greet him on his natal day.  I can hold the hand of a grieving friend while expressing my condolences. I love to see the animated expressions of my parents whenever we talk about events spontaneously. I can appreciate the awed silence with my travel buddies while we look at the magnificent view infront of us.

You see, there is a reason why most things are better said in person — human touch, I believe. With that mingled with genuine facial expressions and spontaneous words, you know that once is being sincere with his feelings. Humans, after all, are complicated creatures. We need a variety of emotions to be truly called human.

Perhaps, then, texting is not and can never be an adequate substitute for talking. Would you agree with me? Or would you rather type “I do” on your cellphone on the day of your wedding?

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LeBron James To Go On Communication Blackout For Playoffs

LeBron James To Go On Communication Blackout For PlayoffsPer Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida, LeBron James is in the middle of a postseason blackout and won’t be answering his cell phone, going on Twitter or watching any NBA-related television.

‘Isolating himself’

The real story here is LeBron depriving himself of nearly all forms of communication. I assume he still keeps in touch with his family, but he appears to be isolating himself from the rest of the outside world, which seems a bit extreme.

‘All business’

Through his first two playoff games, LeBron has averaged 23 points, nine rebounds and seven assists while shooting 60 percent from the floor. He hit on just 20 percent of his three-point attempts (though he took just five total) and coughed up the ball 4.5 times per night, but perhaps that’s just an attempt to not embarrass the Milwaukee Bucks too much.

This really shouldn’t come as any surprise, either. LeBron has been all business for the entire year. It makes sense that he would take his focus to a whole new level with a second championship ring on the line.

Whatever LeBron’s method is, it seems to be working. He’s locked in and the Miami Heat are cruising toward a first-round victory.

Do you think LeBron James’ cellphone and internet blackout is for real? Like or gripe?

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

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