Hipster Olympics Kicks Off In Berlin

The London 2012 Olympics will begin later this week. But the Hipster Olympics have already made history. The second annual games were held in Berlin on July 21 to determine just who was cool enough (and who didn’t really care enough) to be crowned the city’s biggest hipster.

Like the Olympics, competitors of the games participated in sporting events. Unlike the actual Olympics, these games did not require muscle, years of preparation, or even much sweat. There was the skinny-jeans tug of war, the horn-rimmed glasses throw, and the confetti toss.

Other events included a cloth-tote sack race (no hipster would be caught without one), a bubble tea drinking event (that involved sucking candies through the thick straws), record spinning, and a make-your-own ironic hipster mustache competition.

If you’re thinking, this wouldn’t be out of place in Brooklyn, home of the original tote-bag carrying, ironic facial-hair sporting specimen, you would be right: The Hipster Olympics are also held in Brooklyn and London.

Team Jam FM took home the Golden Club Mate trophy. We’re guessing celebrations began immediately.

Do you think the Hipster Olympics events are fun and cool? Would you dare to participate in a bubble tea drinking event or cloth-tote sack race? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comment box below!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: RT

Bikinis No Longer Required in Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball

Women beach volleyball players won’t have to wear bikinis at the 2012 London Olympics. A new rule announced on Tuesday says that participants in this summer’s beach volleyball competition can now wear shorts and sleeved tops. This new rule comes as good news for other countries wanting to participate in this event.

Athletes in the volleyball event have exclusively worn bikinis since the sport was introduced at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Competitors could also wear bodysuits in cold-weather events. The important change was made to reflect cultural conventions of various participating countries.

“Shorts of a maximum length of [1.18 inches] above the knee, and sleeved or sleeveless tops,” will now be allowed, according to the new IOC ruling.

Since the Beijing Olympics, most beach volleyball competitions have changed rules to allow for more modest uniforms. It is an attempt to broaden the diversity in the sport, which tends to be dominated by athletes from Europe, Brazil and the United States. Allowing shorts and shirts can encourage participation from other countries with more modest cultural beliefs.

As the AP reports, the field at London’s beach volleyball competition won’t be dictated by world rankings, as in Olympics past. Qualifying tournaments on various continents will fill the 24-team draw.

Source: Yahoo News

Image: 98.1 CHFI