NFL Considering A Pro Bowl Draft

NFL Considering A Pro Bowl DraftThe NFL is still fighting the good fight to save the Pro Bowl, hoping a draft will give the dying exhibition game a shot of life.

‘Lamest All-Star exhibition’’s Ian Rapoport delivered some interesting news on the future of the lamest All-Star exhibition in sports. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a report on how the league was going to kill it off completely:

“The @nfl hopes to settle on the future of the Pro Bowl today. One option: Having a draft as a way to divvy up teams, rather than conference.”

‘Beyond repair’

Some may think the Pro Bowl is something that can be saved or remedied with some tweaking and clever maneuvering, but it’s beyond repair. And we really should be fine with that. Football just doesn’t work as an exhibition: the hits are weak, the play is dull and fan interest is remarkably low.

I still contend the best idea is to stop the game completely. An annual Pro Bowl announcement can still be held, but the game itself needs to go. Having a draft is a great idea, as this will garner interest from a sports world that lives for drafts. But when it comes to the actual game, if a win doesn’t matter one way or another, then why watch?

So, do you think the Pro Bowl should just go? Or should the NFL keep trying to come up with ways to save it?

Source: Gabe Zaldivar, Bleacher Report

Image: ESPN

What The iPhone 5 Would Probably Be Like

Thinking about upgrading to a new iPhone? But you want to know if waiting for the next version is worth it? First, consider the rumors on what features it might have, new design ideas, and maybe most importantly, when pundits think it will be announced.


Many of the new Android phones sport bigger 4-4.5 inch screens, so Apple is feeling the pressure to increase screen size. Rumors suggest a 4-inch screen — that’s .5 inches longer than the current 3.5-inch screen. Apple acquired the rights to use a product from a company called Liquid Metal Technologies in 2010 and many have predicted that the back of the new iPhone will be made from this material. Apple has also filed patents involving carbon fiber, which could also provide more strength to the phone’s body and an added benefit: color.


Another certainty with the iPhone is its inclusion of the super-fast LTE data connections. We saw it in the new iPad, and it is a clear trend in phone iterations for all platforms.


The new iPad sported the faster A5X processor, some predict an even faster A6 processor with a gig of RAM in the new iPhone. Hard to know which of these will make it into the iPhone, but you can bet it will be a lot snappier than the current iPhone.


Every year Apple hosts a developer conference in San Francisco in June. For many years, the company debuted the new version of the iPhone at this conference, but last year they waited until October to announce the iPhone 4S. This year, analysts are betting on October for a new release, primarily because a new version of IOS 6, the iPhone operating system (which is expected to be on the next iPhone), has not yet been released to developers.

What are your expectations for the iPhone 5? Share them with us!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: iPhone5 Unlock