TV Show Gives Away Babies To Audience

TV Show Gives Away Babies To AudiencePlumbing new depths in the battle for television ratings, abandoned babies are being given away on a controversial prime-time game show in Pakistan.

‘Giveaway bonanza’

TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain presented baby girls to two unsuspecting couples during his show, which is broadcast live for seven hours a day during the month of Ramadan. Another baby, a boy, is due to be given to another couple at some point in the coming days.

The show’s host has been described as a religious scholar, TV megastar and even a sex symbol. His heady mix of religion and entertainment is often followed by controversy. His show — Aman Ramazan — has been dubbed Pakistan’s version of The Price Is Right, with members of the 500-strong audience receiving prizes in exchange for answering questions on the Quran. The giveaway bonanza includes motorbikes, microwave ovens, washing machines and fridges.

‘Unifying a fractured nation’

The baby girls given away on the show were found by an NGO, the Chhipa Welfare Association, which says it receives up to 15 abandoned babies a month. Adoption is not officially recognized in Pakistan and there is no adoption law. The couple will have to apply for guardianship at a family court. Some viewers praised the show’s baby giveaway but others declared it a publicity stunt.

Hussain says it isn’t a gimmick to win ratings during the Islamic holy month. He believes his show is unifying a fractured nation, plagued by sectarian violence, religious intolerance and terrorism.

“These are the disenfranchised babies that grow up to be street kids and used for suicide bombing attacks. We have tried to show an alternative,” he said. “Telling people to take these kids off the rubbish on the streets, raise them and make them a responsible citizen, not to destroy society through terrorism,” he said.

What do you think of Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s show? Do you approve of it or not?

Source: Saima Mohsin and Katie Hunt | CNN

Image: The Sun

LeBron James’ New Sneakers Declare Him As ‘2-Time Champion’

LeBron James' New Sneakers Declare Him As '2-Time Champion'Maybe LeBron James and Nike know something we don’t. Nike’s latest low-top versions of the LeBron X’s are pretty wild, in the most awesome of ways possible. They’re also pretty controversial.

‘Future forecast’

Etched on the sock liner of one shoe is a prediction that asserts LeBron is a “2-time champion” (via Trey Kerby of

Before you go assuming that this could be a future forecast of sorts—one that declares LeBron will eventually be a two-time NBA champion—take a look at the dates printed inside the other shoe.

“11-12, 12-13″

‘Pivotal Game 6′

LeBron’s new kicks are making predictions that seem pretty bold at this point. Last time we checked, the Miami Heat needed to win a pivotal Game 6 tonight just to force a series-deciding Game 7. Down 3-2, they’re not even guaranteed to secure a third victory in this series, let alone be crowned champions again.

But which team do you think will be crowned as this NBA season’s champions — the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs? And by the way, do you like the design of the new Lebron X sneakers? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us. Let your voice be heard via the comment box below!

Source: Dan Favale, Bleacher Report

Image: Sneaker Files