Obama Outlines Progressive Agenda In Second Inaugural Speech

Obama Outlines Progressive Agenda In Second Inaugural SpeechPresident Barack Obama delivered a forceful defense of the nation’s safety net programs, and vowed to expand gay rights and tackle the problem of climate change in his second inaugural address Monday afternoon.

‘Bipartisanship and unity’

The speech was a bolder and more specific defense of the president’s liberal governing vision than the address he gave four years ago. For his first inaugural address, Obama stuck to a broader outline of his ideals and called on politicians to overcome partisan differences and work together in the face of economic crisis. On national television and before a crowd of hundreds of thousands of spectators who descended on the Mall, Obama staunchly reiterated his belief that gay people should be allowed to marry.

In the same section of the speech, the president made oblique references to gun violence, equal pay for women and immigration reform. The president did make a plea for bipartisanship and unity.

‘Protect equality of opportunity’

The president challenged critics who have argued that the government must reduce its spending and cut back on social welfare programs, including Obama’s health care reform law. Obama said that the country must reduce its deficit, but that the nation must work to protect equality of opportunity, in what seemed to be a reference to his battles with congressional Republicans over taxing and spending.

Obama argued that the nation’s entitlement programs make America stronger because they protect this chance at equality. The president also warned in the 2,095-word speech that the country cannot succeed if a “shrinking few” succeed economically while the middle class suffers.

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Source: Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News

Image: The New Yorker

‘Egyptian Popeye’ Says His 31-Inch Biceps Are All-Natural

'Egyptian Popeye' Says His 31-Inch Biceps Are All-NaturalThe proud possessor of those twin slabs of muscle and brawn is Egyptian weightlifter Moustafa Ismail. His biceps are 31 inches around, enough to draw the attention of the Guinness World Records … for both good and ill.

‘Disproportionate arms’

To keep in shape, according to The Daily Mail, Ismail must down seven pounds of protein, nine pounds of carbs and three gallons of water each day, and puts in two three-hour workouts each day. His typical diet includes four pounds of chicken, two pounds of steak or fish, four cups of almonds, and three liters of protein shakes. Critics have contended that his, shall we say, disproportionate arms are the result of steroids or some other unnatural additive, but Ismail insists he is clean.

Ismail, 24, began lifting in Alexandria, Egypt, and has since moved to a Boston suburb. His arms put him on Guinness’ radar, which offered to fly him to London to appear with the world’s shortest woman and other distinctive individuals.

‘Ethical workout practices’

That set off the critics, which insisted that Ismail must have used either steroids, implants, or a synthetic oil such as Synthol to boost the apparent size of muscle tissue. Ismail has countered that he has no money for oils, no scars from surgery, and a Japanese television program tested him and found no abnormalities. Guinness has, for the moment, severed its connection with Ismail until it can determine conclusively that Ismail’s arms are the result of natural and ethical workout practices.

Ismail, for his part, says he’ll use the criticism as motivation, and insists that his frame is the result of natural practices. Regardless, if nothing else he has a bright future as a bouncer ahead.

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