Texas College Knife Attack Suspect Fantasized About Crime

Texas College Knife Attack Suspect Fantasized About CrimeThe 20-year-old student accused in a stabbing rampage at a Texas college campus told investigators he had fantasies of killing people and had planned the attack, sheriff’s officials said late Tuesday.

‘Fantasies of stabbing people to death’

Dylan Quick, 20, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the stabbings, said Donna Hawkins, an official with the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office.

“According to the statement the suspect voluntarily gave investigators, he has had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school,” a statement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said. “He also indicated that he has been planning this incident for some time.”

Quick used “a razor-type knife” to stab victims at the Lone Star College’s CyFair campus Tuesday, the sheriff office’s statement said. Fourteen people were injured in the attack, officials said. Two of them remained hospitalized in critical condition late Tuesday, said Kathryn Klein, a spokeswoman for the Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute.


Witnesses of the attack at the campus northwest of Houston described a chaotic scene. Bleeding victims collapsed to the ground. Many students and teachers ran for cover. Some sprang into action, chasing after the suspect and helping the wounded.

Most of the victims had lacerations in their head and neck areas, said Robert Rasa, a spokesman for the CyFair Volunteer Fire Department. The school was on lockdown Tuesday afternoon while authorities combed the campus to ensure no other injured people or attackers were there, Harris County sheriff’s spokesman Alan Bernstein said.

The school posted a warning on its website: “Stay away from the area. Seek shelter in a secure location until the incident is resolved.”

What do you think is the biggest contributing factor to the rising violence among young people these days? Are parents to blame?

Source: Catherine E. Shoichet and Joe Sutton, CNN

Image: The Washington Post

Knives On Airplanes — Seriously?

Knives On Airplanes --- SeriouslyDo you know why knives were banned on planes? It is because knives were the cause of deaths and also gave way to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And now, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is moving to allow passengers to carry small knives on their flights soon. Now this new rule is purely stupefying.

‘Hijacking procedures’

According to the TSA, hijacking procedures are not the same anymore and that there is lesser probability of knife-carrying terrorists to enter the cockpit. Another argument is that sharp objects can no longer cause airplanes to go down. I repeat — airplanes, not humans.

Long story short, if a terrorists takes a passenger as hostage, the cabin crew will have to leave you alone. They cannot help you. Is that right?

‘Shorter checkpoints’

Let’s take a few moments to analyze this new TSA rule. Bottled water and shampoo aren’t allowed on board. But knives are? That’s tantamount to declaring that the presence of these liquids pose a greater threat than the presence of a small but sharp object that can be used as a deadly weapon. I don’t know about the general public, but I think this is simply outrageous.

There is a specific reason why airport screening takes up a considerable amount of your check-in time and why the lines are all clogged up during this process. Read: SAFETY. There you go. We don’t need to compromise safety for shorter checkpoints. Yes, allowing passengers to carry knives on the plane will make the screeners’ jobs easier, lessen the chance of having irate passengers, and ultimately cut your check-in time at the airport. But when it comes to looking at the lesser evil (or the greater good, for that matter), safety should be considered above all.

So, do you want the TSA to allow passengers to carry knives on aircrafts? Share your own opinion regarding this controversial rule.

Image: Conservative Byte