Justice Department Lacks Evidence For Racial Bias In Zimmerman Trial

Justice Department Lacks Evidence For Racial Bias In Zimmerman TrialThe Justice Department was running into immediate hurdles Monday in its investigation of possible civil rights violations by George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin — namely, that after examining the case for more than a year, the evidence has not changed.

‘Racial bias’

Though the department announced after Zimmerman’s acquittal that it would consider a possible federal case, previously filed FBI documents show agents have not turned up any accounts that Zimmerman, before the February 2012 shooting, exhibited racial bias.

Attorney General Eric Holder, in his first post-verdict comments, confirmed Monday during a speech in Washington, D.C., that his department continues to investigate while signaling concern for the position of the Martin family and those — such as the NAACP — pressuring the DOJ. Holder even appeared to suggest the possibility of bias in this case, saying it’s important to address “underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents.”

‘Number one challenge’

But Florida defense attorney Brian Tannebaum told FoxNews.com that the “number one challenge” for DOJ is the evidence, or lack thereof.

Still, the Justice Department agreed to requests from NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous and several lawmakers to keep investigating the defendant. The department is under heavy pressure from some groups to pursue the case further.

Was racial bias evident in George Zimmerman’s case? Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue!

Source: Fox News

Image: Guardian Express

What Is Your Greatest Regret?

What Is Your Greatest RegretSeize the day! Live each day as if it were your last! Sounds familiar? These two statements are often echoed whenever we reflect on regrets, opportunities past, and death. At the end of your life, which moment do you think would you regret the most?

‘Fulfilled our life’s purpose’

Those two statements are actually easier said than done. How are we supposed to live today as if it were our last when we are programmed to prepare for tomorrow? Do we really put as much importance into today like think we do? When we are finally on our deathbed, can we look back and honestly say that we have fulfilled our life’s purpose? Or would we simply cry over things that we have not done, words that we have not said, and love that we have not expressed?

A lot of us scramble everyday to clock in more work hours in order to earn more money. It’s understandable when we are barely making ends meet. But in the middle of our workaholic state, we forget to enjoy. Do we wake up each morning for the sole purpose of making a living? How many of us actually LIVE?

‘Take time’

In the throes of stabilizing our career, a lot of us neglect our loved one. Or, the most common reasons — pride, cheating, lack of time — get in the way of our Happily Ever After. Have we exerted enough effort to maintain a happy relationship with our partner? Right now, are we doing enough to make sure we have a healthy love life?

They say your family is your genuine link to the past and the ones who will most likely stick with you in the future. May it be your blood family or special friends that you treat as your own family, they are among the most important people in your life. At the end of your life, will you regret not spending enough time with them?

The toughest thing about regret is that most often than not, you cannot reverse it. You can only wish that you have done something better. So before your list of regrets pile up, take time everyday to take a break, enjoy the smallest things in life, express your love to your partner and to your family, and spend time with the people that you value the most.

What is your greatest regret in life? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Image: Life Hacker