Terminally Ill Boy Dies After Serving As Best Man In Parents’ Wedding

Terminally Ill Boy Dies After Serving As Best Man In Parents' WeddingA terminally ill Pennsylvania 2-year-old, whose parents pushed their wedding up by a year to be sure he’d be alive to be part of it, died Monday.

‘Last breath’

Doctors told Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson that Logan, their son, had only weeks to live. Logan was born with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi’s anemia, which keeps cells from repairing damaged DNA and can lead to certain cancers.

“Sean and I held him all day,” Swidorsky wrote on her Facebook page Monday night. “He was comfortable with his medication. Then, at 8:18, my son took his last breath in my arms.”

‘Dire news’

The couple had been planning to get married next year, but once they got the dire news from Logan’s doctor, they decided to move up the wedding, planning it in a week. It took place Saturday, Aug. 3, in Jeannette, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh. They held the 12-minute ceremony in the backyard of their home. Logan, carried by Swidorsky, wore a pin-striped suit.

Sean Stevenson thanked friends and family who had donated food and helped out with wedding arrangements so the family could spend much of the day together.

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Source: Sydney Lupkin | Good Morning America, Yahoo! News

Image: CBS News

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Kills 35, Injures 160

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Kills 35 Injures 160Some 35 people — including 10 first responders — died in a massive explosion Wednesday night at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Mayor Tommy Muska said, according to USA Today. More than 160 people were injured.

‘Very volatile’

The area around the site of the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant that flattened much of the small Texas town remains “very volatile” due to the presence of ammonium nitrate, McLennan County Chief Deputy Sheriff Matt Cawthon said Thursday. Authorities searched through mounds of rubble in hopes of finding survivors of the blast that left shattered homes and wreckage in a wide swath of the town, which has only 2,800 people.

On Wednesday evening, a fire at the plant suddenly exploded with a huge, deafening bang, throwing people to the ground blocks away. About half the town was evacuated, including the nursing home with 133 residents. The explosion tore through the roof of West Fertilizer Co., charring much of the structure and sending massive flames into the air, followed by a plume of smoke bigger than the plant itself. A deafening boom echoed for miles. The blast stripped the apartment complex, with 50 units, of its walls and windows. Between 50 and 60 homes in a five-block area sustained damage, officials said.

‘No chemical escape’

As of Thursday afternoon, authorities had not determined what led to the deadly explosion. Waco Police Sgt. William Patrick Swanton said earlier there were no indications of criminal activity but that wasn’t being ruled out yet.

With help from heavy rains early Thursday, firefighters managed to quell most of the flames in the area, authorities said. The rain and heavy winds also helped dissipate chemicals that may have been released. Swanton emphasized that there was no cause for alarm about the air. There was no “chemical escape” that is “out of control,” he said.

What do you think caused this massive explosion? Was it an accident or could it have been intentional?

Source: Josh Levs and Lateef Mungin, CNN

Image: The Australian