Study Finds Babies In Dog-Owning Homes Are Healthier

Dogs are no longer just man’s best friend: The furry family members may also protect infants against breathing problems and infections, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that Finnish babies who lived with a dog or – to a lesser extent – a cat spent fewer weeks with ear infections, coughs or running noses. They were also less likely to need antibiotics than infants in pet-free homes. Dr. Eija Bergroth from Kuopio University Hospital in Finland and colleagues said one possible explanation for that finding is that dirt and allergens brought in by animals are good for babies’ immune systems.

The researchers found that contact with dogs, more than cats, was tied to fewer weeks of sickness for babies. For example, infants with no dog contact at home were healthy for 65 percent of parents’ weekly diary reports. That compared to between 72 and 76 percent for those who had a dog at home. Babies in dog-owning families were also 44 percent less likely to get inner ear infections and 29 percent less likely to need antibiotics.

The researchers said infants who spent more than zero but less than six hours per day at home with a dog were the least likely to get sick. “A possible explanation for this interesting finding might be that the amount of dirt brought inside the home by dogs could be higher in these families because (the dog) spent more time outdoors,” the researchers wrote Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

Do you have dogs at home? Do you agree with the result of this study that babies who live with dog-owning are healthier than those who don’t? Share your thoughts with us!

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Lindsay Lohan Under Voluntary House Arrest

It’s not easy being Lindsay Lohan.  Even when she’s behaving, she gets in trouble.  Most recently, it was accusations that she pulled a hit-and-run, which she adamantly denied.

It seems like drama follows her everywhere she goes, but this chick is finally on the right track and doesn’t want to take any chances.  It would SUCK if she screwed up right before her probation is scheduled to end.  So what is she doing? Lindsay Lohan is staying in her home until her probation is over!

Perez Hilton says that some close friends gave her the advice, which is a good idea considering that her next scheduled court date is right around the corner on March 29th.  She’s almost done with her probation, so she’s going to play it safe until then and ONLY leave the house when it’s absolutely vital.

Dirt thinks that this is a fantastic idea, and so totally proactive of her!  What a great step forward for her to take, and all on her own, no less.  What a champ!  We’re super proud of you, Linds.  Way to take care of business like an adult. Keep up the great work, girlie!

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