‘Bionic’ Woman Completes London Marathon After 16 Days

For five years, Claire Lomas hasn’t been able to walk, hasn’t been able to feel her legs. But that hasn’t stopped her.

She was once a professional horse rider, her blond hair flowing underneath her white riding cap. But in 2007, a freak accident paralyzed her from the chest down. She spent all her time in a wheelchair, at least until January. That’s when she started walking again, thanks to a $75,000 bionic suit.

Each time she steps forward, her suit hisses a sound not dissimilar to Robocop. The ReWalk and two canes support her, and the suit senses when she wants to walk and shifts her weight for her. But it’s not easy. Each day, when she started, she could take only 30 steps. Every moment was a chore, and because she couldn’t feel where she standing, she always feared falling over. But that didn’t stop her, either. Loman set out to walk 55,000 steps – or 26.2 miles. She set out to run the London Marathon.

She started, alongside 35,000 runners, 16 days ago. Today, in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, she finished — to the screams of thousands of fans who came out to support her. Thanks to all her fans, Loman raised more than $100,000 for spinal cord research.

Today is not the most important day of Lomas’ life. It’s not even the most important day since the accident. In the last three years, Claire Lomas has gotten married and given birth to a healthy baby girl. Mazie is 15 months old, and was right there as Lomas crossed the finish line. And her husband Dan was there every step of the way, helping support the suit – and her.

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Source: Yahoo News

Image: MSN News

Nurse Who Abducted Baby Lied To Fiance About Giving Birth

Verna McClain told her fiance she had given birth to their child. But after she suffered a miscarriage, authorities said, she went looking for another baby to present to him. Now she’s accused of killing a young mother to take one by force.

Investigators say McClain waited outside a pediatrician’s office north of Houston and shot Kala Golden before taking her tiny newborn son, who was only 3 days old. Little Keegan Golden was found unharmed hours later with McClain’s sister — who was told that her sister planned to adopt the boy. He is back with family members.

McClain is charged with capital murder and was being held Wednesday without bond. Authorities say she admitted attacking the woman Tuesday and stealing her baby from his mother’s pickup truck. McClain, 30, who listed a Houston address, was separated from her husband, with whom she had raised three children.

McClain had told her fiance she had given birth to their child. Instead, McClain had miscarried, said Capt. Bruce Zenor of the Montgomery County sheriff’s office. Her fiancé, who was not identified Wednesday, is being interviewed by authorities.

McClain’s children are with a family member in the county, authorities said. Investigators said McClain’s statements included information only the shooter would know and indicated Tuesday’s attack was part of a wider plan to kidnap any child. Golden was simply a convenient target, authorities said. McClain’s children are with a family member in the county, authorities said.

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Source: Yahoo News

Image: Chron