Apple ‘Bug’ Lets Kid Snoop on Stranger’s iPhone

Every single iMessage to and from this man’s iPhone—his friends call him Wiz—has been sent to us by accident. We know about his job, sex life, and address. Apple, you might want to fix this.

The story is simple: a friend’s son had some trouble with his iPhone 4. Being an awesome mom, our friend took it into the Apple Store when her kid was at school. When she got it back, her kid’s phone was in perfect working order—but it had also become a portal into another man’s private life. No matter how many times we’ve reset the phone and entered our friend’s information, every incoming and outgoing iMessage meant for Wiz shows up on her child’s phone and there was an iMessage bevy of stuff you wouldn’t want your child to see.

Based on only a handful of chitchat breadcrumbs and some Google work, we pinned down Wiz’s home address, his Facebook profile, email address, personal information about friends, where he exercises, and—drumroll—the Apple store where he works. Yep! This Apple bug screwed an Apple employee—at the same store where our pal took her phone.

In all likelihood, Wiz’s messages are being broadcast to a phone he’s unaware of because he swapped his SIM card in while repairing our friend’s phone—permanently tethering his textual life to a phone that isn’t his. The theory that iMessages are deadbolted to SIM cards, rather than just being something you sign into a la Gmail, was bandied around by Ars Technica more than a month ago.

It’s impossible that Apple isn’t aware of this problem. Hopefully this will be enough to give apple the message. Please fix this, guys.

Source: Digg

Image: Gizmodo