Top 5 Things You Should Never Tell A Mom

A simple remark by a well-meaning friend to a new mom could hurt her self-confidence. Team Mom asked the experts about the impact that such comments could have on a mom. Here’s what they had to say:

“You’re so dressed up!” Psychologist and mom of two, Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., tells Team Mom on Shine that the mom could interpret your statement as: “You always look like a slob…” She recommends that if you want her to know she looks pretty, say so: “You look great!” or “Doing anything fun today?”

“You must really want a girl.”  Amy Williams, a mom of two boys and founder of BoyMom Designs, says sometimes people would make these comments in front of her other son. Her advice is to focus on the fact that a woman is having a baby, which is wonderful on its own. She wishes her friends would have said, “Congratulations, two boys!”

“When did you get so gray?”  Are you trying to tell your friend you notice that she looks different? Or are you worried about her? Tell her. Because the mom hears something totally different, says Dr. Lombardo: “You look terrible; you really let yourself go. She thinks ‘I used to take care of myself before the kids. Now I have no time. I am just a mess…'”

“When are you due?” Before you ever ask any woman when she’s due, ask yourself if she’s actually told you that she’s pregnant. If the mom is not pregnant, you’ve just reminded her that she hasn’t lost her baby weight from a previous pregnancy. Or what if she’s gained weight because of health issues that you weren’t aware of? Try this: Don’t say anything.

“When are you going back to work? The implied statement under this question is that being at home with the kids isn’t work, and strikes at the heart of mommy wars. You’re setting up a mom for failure for failure. If you’re really just interested in finding out what your mom friend is up to, focus less on her employment situation and more on her, as a person (e.g., “What have you been up to?”).

Let’s hear from the moms! Have you received other remarks from friends that really ticked you off?

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5 Common Blunders That Can Harm Your Hair

Chances are, you’ve committed at least one or two hair faux pas. Fortunately, these common hair mistakes are all easy to fix, so fear not and tread forth with determination to correct your past errors.

Delaying Haircuts. Waiting too long in between haircuts is one beauty sin women habitually commit. The ends of your hair often become brittle and dry, giving them a dull and unhealthy appearance.

Choosing the Wrong Shampoo. Certain shampoos are created for fine, curly, color treated, gray or dandruff-prone hair. Shampoos that say something like “for dry and brittle hair” will be too heavy for natural or fine hair. Once you’ve selected the appropriate shampoo, massage it onto your roots and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Any residual shampoo left on the shaft results in dull locks.

Combing Hair While Wet. Turns out, combing your hair while it’s wet and tangled can result in hair breakage in addition to pain. Always use a detangling spray or softening agent before combing wet hair.

Putting Ponytail in Same Spot. Your hair is also susceptible to breaking when you place your ponytail in the same spot every day. Switch things up by either wearing hair down, moving the location of your ponytail or by using a less damaging hair tool, such as a barrette, claw or bobby pins.

Rubbing Hair in Towel. The best post-shower protocol is to wring out excess water from hair with your hands and then to wrap it in a towel for 5 to 10 minutes. If you still have excess water in your hair, either re-wrap and wait another 10 minutes or gentle press your hair between a dry towel. Never, under any circumstances, rub. (Unless you want to sport a frizzy mane for the rest of the day.)

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