Hugh Grant Accuses Mail of Phone Hacking

Hugh Grant accused the Daily Mail of obtaining “possibly illegal” information about the birth of his daughter from the hospital at which she was born. His comments were swiftly rejected by the Daily Mail and its Sunday sister title.

Grant also queried whether the Mail on Sunday had hacked into his phone after the newspaper ran what he said was a “wholly untrue” news story about his love life in 2007, as he gave testimony at the Leveson inquiry into press standards. He told the hearing he tried to keep information about Tinglan Hong’s pregnancy secret “to protect the mother of my child”.

The Mail did not publish an item about Grant, his baby, or Hong, and eventually the news of the birth was revealed by US Weekly at the end of last month, which the actor said was the product of a “fleeting affair”.

Grant also referred to a report in the Mail on Sunday in February 2007, which said his relationship with his then girlfriend, Jemima Khan, was “on the rocks” because of “persistent late-night phone calls with a plummy-voiced executive from Warner Brothers” – a story he said was “completely untrue”. A friend of his had an assistant that would “leave charming jokey messages” for him asking him to call various Hollywood executives, which led the actor to conclude subsequently that there was no “conceivable source for this story in the Mail on Sunday except those voice messages on my mobile telephone”.

Shortly after the inquiry concluded for the day, the Mail issued a statement denying Grant’s allegations of phone hacking on both occasions.