Lindsay Lohan Under Voluntary House Arrest

It’s not easy being Lindsay Lohan.  Even when she’s behaving, she gets in trouble.  Most recently, it was accusations that she pulled a hit-and-run, which she adamantly denied.

It seems like drama follows her everywhere she goes, but this chick is finally on the right track and doesn’t want to take any chances.  It would SUCK if she screwed up right before her probation is scheduled to end.  So what is she doing? Lindsay Lohan is staying in her home until her probation is over!

Perez Hilton says that some close friends gave her the advice, which is a good idea considering that her next scheduled court date is right around the corner on March 29th.  She’s almost done with her probation, so she’s going to play it safe until then and ONLY leave the house when it’s absolutely vital.

Dirt thinks that this is a fantastic idea, and so totally proactive of her!  What a great step forward for her to take, and all on her own, no less.  What a champ!  We’re super proud of you, Linds.  Way to take care of business like an adult. Keep up the great work, girlie!

Source: Dirt

Image: On the Red Carpet

Lindsay Lohan Involved in Alleged Hit-and-Run

Lindsay Lohan actually HIT A PERSON with her car Wednesday night … And then she FLED THE SCENE!!!

Apparently, there were paparazzi all over place after she left the Sayers Club last night and as she was trying to get out of the parking lot in her new Porsche, she “lightly” struck the manager of the nearby Hookah Lounge!!! Ouch!!! But did she stop??? Of course not!! She’s LiLo!! LOL!!! Girl just proceeded to peel the hell on out!!

Cops did arrive at the scene, but it may have been Linds who called them. You know… for her protection, ha! And according to reports, the manager wasn’t injured so it technically wasn’t a “hit and run” and she technically didn’t violate any law. But… c’mon…

UPDATE: Spoke too soon!

Sources reveal that in fact the club manager LiLo rolled over with her car actually was taken to the emergency room shortly after his take down. As of right now, an official report has not been filed, BUT police have been informed that the manager intends to press charges and hire an attorney.

Yeah, that’s right. This guy is gunning for her. What’s interesting though is that according to sources on the scene, when Lindsay hit the guy while attempting a 3-point turn, she only grazed his knee and when the paparazzi on scene came to his aid, he insisted that he was fine. It was only AFTER he heard that it was the infamous Lindsay Lohan who tapped his funny bone did he SUDDENLY have an injury! How convenient!

Source: Perez Hilton

Image: Monsters and Critics