Artist Stuns With Hyper-Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Samuel Silva, a 29-year-old attorney in Portugal, has shocked and delighted countless viewers online this week when he uploaded a stunning painting that many mistook for a photograph.

As Colossal notes, the artwork, which was created using only Bic ballpoint pens, is based on this photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Tararina. Silva, who describes his incredible artwork as nothing more than a hobby, even answered questions on his website deviantART after the illustration of the girl first drew attention on Reddit.

Using only eight different colors, the self-taught Silva told readers that he completed the drawing in about 30 hours. “Ballpoint pens are as underestimated as they are a powerful medium,” Silva writes on his site. “It’s not about what you use, it’s about how you use it.”

He promises a wider variety of artwork in the future, writing on his site, “Ballpoint pen is not my only medium, it’s just the one I’m currently trying to master. At this point in my life I’m proficient with chalk, pencil, color pencil, pastels, oils and acrylics. Maybe one day I’ll create an account just to share those.”

Are you amazed at how real Samuel Silva’s drawing looks? Can you churn out the same level of realistic art excellence using only ballpoint pens? Share your greatest artistic attempts with us!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Return to Fleet

Secrets To Reaching Age 100

Your chances of reaching age 100 could be better than you think – especially if you get some additional sleep and improve your diet.

New research from UnitedHealthcare looks at centenarians and baby boomers, asking the former about the “secrets of aging success” and evaluating whether the latter are taking the necessary steps to celebrate a 100th birthday.

How to reach 100? Centenarians point to social connections, exercise and spiritual activity as some of the keys to successful aging. Among surveyed centenarians, almost nine in 10 – fully 89% – say they communicate with a family member or friend every day; about two thirds (67%) pray, meditate or engage in some form of spiritual activity; and just over half (51%) say they exercise almost daily.

In each of these areas, baby boomers, as it turns out, match up fairly well. The same percentage of boomers as centenarians – 89% – say they’re in touch with friends or family members on a regular basis. Sixty percent of surveyed baby-boomers say spiritual activity is an important part of their lives, and almost six in 10 boomers (59%) exercise regularly. Again, sleep and diet are the two areas where baby boomers come up short. Not surprisingly, the one area where boomers are more active is the workplace. Three-quarters (76%) of surveyed baby boomers say they work at a job or hobby almost every day; that compares with 16% of centenarians.

Finally, researchers turned to cultural affairs and asked centenarians and boomers to identify – from a list of 14 notable people (including President Obama, singer Paul McCartney and actors Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts) – their preferred dinner guest. The top choice among centenarians and boomers alike: the comedian Betty White.

Do you want to reach age 100? Share your health secrets with us!

Source: Yahoo News

Image: 702 ABC Sydney