Girl Mauled By Bear Plays Dead To Survive

Girl Mauled By Bear Plays Dead To SurviveBears rarely attack humans unless they feel threatened or territorial. But a 12-year-old girl jogging in Michigan is among the latest victims in a spate of bear attacks that have left seven people mauled in five states since Thursday.

‘Played dead’

Abby Wetherell was out on her nightly jog when she was ambushed by a black bear Thursday outside her home in Cadillac, Michigan. She tried to run at first, but, “It just took me down,” she told CNN’s Piers Morgan Live.

Eventually, she said, she played dead, hoping it would go away. It did, but not before inflicting cuts and scrapes to her face and deep gashes on her legs that required dozens of stitches. After the bear left, Abby ran toward a neighbor’s house, screaming for help. The bear came after her once again, but neighbors were able to scare it away, she said.


Authorities also reported attacks in Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. The Michigan incident was an anomaly, officials said. Michigan has an estimated black bear population of 8,000 to 10,000, but only about two bear-to-human incidents a year, said Ed Golder, a spokesman for the state Department of Natural Resources.

Attacks by bears have risen as human populations have grown, according to a study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management in 2011. The study also found that bears that have previously killed people are more likely to attack again, traveling in a party of two people or more is safer, and human food and garbage attracts bears.

“The reason why we’re having bear attacks now is because we have vacationers out in the areas where bears live,” said Tom Stalf, CEO of the Columbus Zoo. The bears are “out foraging and looking for food.”

Have you ever witnessed a bear attacking a human? What would you do if you were the one being pursued by a black bear?

Source: Holly Yan. Josh Levs and Dave Alsup | CNN

Image: ABC News

Knives On Airplanes — Seriously?

Knives On Airplanes --- SeriouslyDo you know why knives were banned on planes? It is because knives were the cause of deaths and also gave way to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And now, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is moving to allow passengers to carry small knives on their flights soon. Now this new rule is purely stupefying.

‘Hijacking procedures’

According to the TSA, hijacking procedures are not the same anymore and that there is lesser probability of knife-carrying terrorists to enter the cockpit. Another argument is that sharp objects can no longer cause airplanes to go down. I repeat — airplanes, not humans.

Long story short, if a terrorists takes a passenger as hostage, the cabin crew will have to leave you alone. They cannot help you. Is that right?

‘Shorter checkpoints’

Let’s take a few moments to analyze this new TSA rule. Bottled water and shampoo aren’t allowed on board. But knives are? That’s tantamount to declaring that the presence of these liquids pose a greater threat than the presence of a small but sharp object that can be used as a deadly weapon. I don’t know about the general public, but I think this is simply outrageous.

There is a specific reason why airport screening takes up a considerable amount of your check-in time and why the lines are all clogged up during this process. Read: SAFETY. There you go. We don’t need to compromise safety for shorter checkpoints. Yes, allowing passengers to carry knives on the plane will make the screeners’ jobs easier, lessen the chance of having irate passengers, and ultimately cut your check-in time at the airport. But when it comes to looking at the lesser evil (or the greater good, for that matter), safety should be considered above all.

So, do you want the TSA to allow passengers to carry knives on aircrafts? Share your own opinion regarding this controversial rule.

Image: Conservative Byte